7 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone 

7 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone 

Starting from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you fall asleep in your bed finally, your smartphone is your closest buddy all the way around. From getting those important notifications in your work email to your favorite Facebook notifications, there are several reasons why your Mobile means so much to you.  

 Your smartphone is your best buddy, whether you are looking for a suitable escape room to play in or are planning a trip with your friends this weekend. But even though you think might know everything about your smartphone, there are still bigger ways to put to use your phone.  

 In this article, we will bring to you 7 crazy things that you never knew your smartphone could do until now! So, let us check out what they are. 

Your smartphone can function as a 3D scanner



A recent software was developed by a group of individuals at the Institute for Visual Computing. With the help of this software, you can now use your smartphone to even scan 3D objects. For this, you simply have to move your smartphone around the object.  

Following this process, you can then see a 3D model popping up on your phone’s screen. You can use this picture model to determine accurately whether or not you have missed any part of your 3D object. This 3D scanner even allows you to figure out the precise size of the object too. You can even use this to make a 3D scan of faces and thus create a 3D portrait.  

Find out whether there is a leakage in your window

No matter whether you live in the northern regions or regions with scorching heat in the summers, leaky windows can be a problem anywhere. Having your doors and windows sealed improperly can prevent your house from attaining the right temperature.  

 All you need to do for this is plug in the thermal imaging camera on your smartphone with the Flir One add-on. It is a rectangular camera that weighs approximately 2.8 ounces and can even be plugged into your phone’s charging port. When you thus point your phone to the required area, it then converts thermal energy to color images. You can then use it to scan your entire house and find out which part is hotter or cooler.  

You can check how healthy your heart is! 

With the rise of cool fitness gadgets like Fitbit available in the market today, more people are looking for ways to choose a healthier lifestyle. You no longer need to look for an appointment with your doctor to have a quick checkup of your health today. Instead, all you would need is this unique smartphone application! 

 You can start using Kardia mobile heart monitor developed by AliveCor, which takes only about 30 seconds to capture your heart rate. This device is of very small size, and all you need to do is press your fingers on the touchpad while the app does its work of monitoring your heart’s health.  

Control and regulate your drone using your smartphone now 

An autonomous drone that has hit the market recently allows users to navigate it using just their phone. Drones are usually controlled and regulated by humans or signals. But this drone can be seamlessly controlled without the need for any external intervention.  

 While your smartphone’s camera gives you the visual data, the processor performs the task of controlling the drone. You can even send in this device inside a building on fire and help guide people out.  

Prevent any chances of drunk driving 

There might have been times when you felt like you could drive back home when you were drunk in reality. There might be times when you cannot be sure whether you are too drunk to drive. Well, the Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer can help you out here.  

 It is a very compact device that can measure the amount of alcohol in your breath in a matter of just a few seconds. Following this, the data is then wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone! The app does also tell you how much time is left before you are completely sober again.  

Keep a reminder to drink plenty of water

Even though we all know that one needs to drink plenty of water every day, more often than not, we forget to drink the required amount of water regularly. While there are many apps available that can help you keep track of how much water you drink daily, they mostly rely on the amount of water you generally have.  

 But the Hidrate Spark is a very different and unique water bottle. It efficiently records how much water you drink each day. Once you pair up the bottle with an app, you can have a proper analysis of the data proficiently!  

Pocket First AID and CPR 

Your smartphone can be seamlessly transformed into a health monitoring and uplifting tool. You can simply download the Pocket First AID and CPR app for your smartphone today.  

 It can provide you with neat and clear instructions on how to handle various first aid situations. From CPR, choking, and bites to even burns and seizures, there is nothing that this app cannot help you with. The app also allows you to save medical records and histories of your family members for future reference! 

 Well, these are some of the many crazy things that you can do with your smartphone today. Make sure to try out all these amazing ways to utilize your smartphone smartly! 

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