10 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes for 2022

10 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes for 2022

More and more retailers are opening or expanding their online sites these days, and they’re always seeking new ways to sell and Online market their products. Online retailing is a fast-growing segment of the internet that shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s a terrific method to reach a large audience.

Small businesses may lack the infrastructure or cash to hire developers to manage vast websites like major stores, but they still want to stand out. Moreover, they often hire a WordPress development company to create and deploy their store which costs a lot. WordPress is one possibility for filling that void, as several of its themes are specifically created for eCommerce.

We’ve collected a selection of our top eCommerce themes, which range from small online stores to versatile websites. There’s certainly something for everyone.

Divi Theme

As eCommerce sites become increasingly competitive, they must provide more than just a functional storefront. They also must be visually appealing. Divi provides plenty of features for creating a beautiful online store.

Divi is a hugely popular theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. When used in conjunction with the included WooCommerce plugin, it transforms into an eCommerce monster. With an almost endless array of possibilities at your disposal, the native drag-and-drop page builder allows you to get your hands dirty while building layouts. There are several pre-built layouts available for individuals who want to get up and running quickly, including homepages, portfolios, eCommerce stores, and much more.

In a word, Divi’s adaptability is its most valuable feature – and hundreds of existing Divi customers agree. It is one of the most significant themes on the market if you want a powerful and popular theme for your eCommerce website.

Botiga Theme

Botiga is a clean, modern eCommerce theme that makes showing and advertising your products a breeze.

With its simple, elegant design, it can be customized to fit almost any brand. With its simple, elegant design, it can be customized to fit almost any brand. Customization options are plentiful, the administrative interface is easy-to-use, and the demo importer is quick. You can also choose from a variety of listing and checkout styles, as well as three different product gallery themes and product cart layouts.

Botiga also has product search, suggestion, and filtering capabilities. Special offers and discounts can also be highlighted using badge styles. As a result, your customers will have a better shopping experience while you can advertise specific products easier.

You can add a blog to your online store using six of Botiga’s blog archive templates. Overall, this theme is a good choice for creating an aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly online store.


For your online store, Astra includes many eCommerce demos.

Astra is a great choice for anyone beginning a new eCommerce business or searching for a new design for an existing one. It’s ideal for constructing WordPress websites of any type. Astra comes with several essential features to assist you in making your website a success. Extras for improving your site’s navigation, a plethora of customization options and tools, and a big library of modifiable templates are just a few examples.

This theme also prioritizes speed, with optimized code for rapid loading times and tiny files for quick downloads. Astra has a library of blog and portfolio themes for sharing your newest news and presenting your products, in addition to a large number of eCommerce layouts.

Astra’s WooCommerce-compatible capabilities are worth investigating further.


Machic is a WooCommerce theme designed to sell electronics over the internet.

The many Machic demonstrations were all created with WordPress to display and promote electronics products online. Demos are available in a variety of styles and are appropriate for both small and large inventories. There is a demo available if you only want to promote a few products. Machic and its templates are also suited for projects involving a large product range if you run a store with a large product range.

Machic has a strong market presence. As a result, it’s a good choice for anyone who wishes to allow multiple suppliers to sign up and sell their products on their website. This theme is easy to alter, whether a little or a lot, thanks to Elementor support.

Machic provides you with a variety of options for displaying your products on your website.


Using Jayla as your eCommerce theme, you can build your own website.

Jayla should have everything you need to develop a professional-looking store to promote and sell your products online, as it is built around the powerful WooCommerce WordPress plugin. Jayla, WordPress, and WooCommerce can give all of the necessary functionality wrapped up in a fully current and appealing design, whether you’re selling physical things, digital downloads, or services from your website.

Looking at the Jayla store samples, you’ll notice that this theme can be used to develop a variety of online businesses using WordPress. The furniture store demo, site designs for selling shoes online, and the technology shop choice are just a few examples. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to import all of the content and setup settings onto your website, regardless of which demo you choose. Following the completion of the import job, you may begin adding your products to your online store.


Almost every eCommerce business owner understands how important it is to use the appropriate photographs to market their products. However, the style of your website is equally as important as the quality of your product photography when it comes to sales. Fortunately, TheGem is on the case.

TheGem enables full design integration with WooCommerce, even though it is touted as a multipurpose solution. There are several pre-built templates included, and you can design nearly any layout you want with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that comes with it.

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Another theme that works well for electronic items is GoStore.

The GoStore demos are all put up with dummy content that mostly consists of electronic items. Don’t be discouraged if your store doesn’t exactly fit into that category. GoStore should be able to handle a wide range of products.

If you decide that GoStore is the ideal design for your store, you’ll be happy to learn that it includes several eCommerce functionalities. The product fast view, Ajax-powered search, and infinite scroll product category page designs, to mention a few, are just a few examples. If you want to establish an online marketplace using WordPress, GoStore includes multivendor support.


Yobazar was created to assist anyone who wants to open a fashion store.

Yobazar’s demos and overall design are geared toward anyone who wants to build their eCommerce store offering fashion-related things like apparel, accessories, and jewelry, to mention a few. Yobazar’s templates can be defined as bold. To attract visitors’ attention, they use huge graphics and slideshows. Their layouts reach from the top to the bottom of the browser window, allowing you to display a large number of products at once.

If Yobazar and its templates don’t quite meet your vision, you may quickly alter them. The supported page builder tool for this assignment is Elementor, which gives you a lot of creative alternatives. Even if the design isn’t suitable for your needs, Yobazar provides several eCommerce capabilities that will help you grow your business.

For those who want to get truly creative with slideshows, Slider Revolution is offered.


A hassle-free customer experience is a critical component of every successful eCommerce site. If potential customers can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they’ll probably go somewhere else, reducing your sales and profits. Your website may provide users with a fun and simple purchasing experience by utilizing Flatsome’s sophisticated design features.

Flatsome is built on top of the included WooCommerce plugin, and when combined with the built-in page builder, your website will have enough customization choices to suit all but the most demanding designers. Flatsome also includes a slider element in its page builder rather than providing one as a separate plugin, giving you even more creative freedom.


Expert knowledge about your products, clients, and, especially when establishing a fantastic-looking website, is required to succeed in eCommerce. There are many resources available to cover the first two and Get Bowtied’s Merchandiser could be the perfect fit for your website.

This theme, which is powered by WooCommerce, was created with simplicity and simplified functionality in mind. Design options include a hand-picked collection of Google Fonts, a customized header, and a giant menu for feature-rich navigation, all of which can be adjusted straight from the Customizer. If you need a more customized layout, Merchandiser comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which lets you create pages with a drag-and-drop interface.

Overall, you’ll need to call in the pros if you want a theme with complete functionality and powerful design options and Get Bowtied is arguably leading the way with Merchandiser.

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