The 6 Most Popular Examples of Custom Software Projects in the World

The 6 Most Popular Examples of Custom Software Projects in the World

Summary: Today’s era is competitive. Whether a local supermarket or a big company, every business wants to offer something “personalized” to their customers. Certainly, custom software development has become a need of the hour for business today. The process is sure, long, and daunting, but the results can actually make you a millionaire like these giants! Read the article to know who we are talking about.


Custom software development is defined as a process where the experts and the business idea owner get together. They enter into conceptualizing, designing, developing, and deploying the custom software that’s meant to serve the needs of an individual or an organization. In brief, the custom software is built to address a user’s specific needs.

But, what is custom software? The custom software are developed from scratch, and addressing the specific needs, and is designed to boost the productivity and efficiency of a business. Now that we’ve talked all “shine, star, and glitter” about customized software development, let’s talk about 6 successful examples of custom software.

Top 6 Successful Custom Software Projects in the World

You can find plenty of custom software projects that are ruling the roost in their respective business fields. No doubt, there are plenty of factors involved in achieving success of having custom software. Hence, if you are approaching a custom software development solution provider for your project, you need to look at these examples first. You will hear what good these custom software have done.

Uber – Ride Sharing Software

Uber is probably the best example of custom software development in the ride-sharing industry. This custom software has immensely improved the user experience for the riders and drivers as well. This intelligent system allows the riders to book a taxi in their locality.

Let alone the statistics speak, today, the global market share of Uber in the ride-sharing industry is 37.2% out of 85.8bn USD of Global Ridesharing Market Size, according to Statista.

Netflix – OTT Software

Can you believe that Netflix was once struggling as a digital platform? Well, yes! However, following the industry trends and working tirelessly on their custom software, the ott platform achieved a “next level” milestone.

This custom software allows the users to enjoy their favorites at a somewhat less price as compared to what one has to pay in theatres.

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Google – Search Engine

This is probably one of the best custom software examples. With its fantastic custom software, Google has become the KING of the search engine sector. Sounds unbelievable, but now, Google controls more than 60% of the global search engine share.

This giant relied on responses and feedback to gain users’ trust. And in the long-term, they became the only reliable and robust search engine that ever existed.

Airbnb – Rental Platform

This rental platform has become a market leader. This custom software allows people to rent out other’s property. Usually, travelers and visitors like to rent out the property, and this platform helps people rent the property without meeting face-to-face! Everything happens virtually, enabling comfort and convenience.

YouTube – Video Streaming Software

YouTube is one of the most famous and popular video streaming platforms. Here, people can find every kind of content they’re looking for. Be it how to cook crab cakes to how to fix a table fan, this platform has every content a user might need.

So, kudos to YouTube’s software product development team!

Amazon – Ecommerce Software

From selling books on its platform to capturing the numerous product genres like clothing, electronics, lifestyle, etc., Amazon is now ruling the world ecommerce industry. Customers can find anything they want on the online ecommerce platform hassle-free. And this has become the main driving force of the success of Amazon.

This software product development has achieved new heights for sure.

Why Do You Need Custom Software Development?

Enlisted below are some of the reasons why you need to invest in custom software product development:


Increases the business’ productivity as the software solution is tailored to meet the business needs. This way, you don’t have to change the business processes over and over and over again!

Low-cost integrations

You can eliminate any further investments with a custom software solution. You can simply customize everything according to your business and save money that you might otherwise have to invest in other applications.

Increases your profitability

A custom solution for your business software will help you elevate your profitability, just like the mentioned custom software examples. Think about how much money you can save and make using these business-tailored solutions!


As your organization grows, the software requirements in terms of performance and scalability will also increase. That simply means your platform has to grow too. Well, with a customized software solution, that won’t be a problem as it will save you from further licensing costs and add-ons.

You can give a personalized user experience

With a customized business solution, you can quickly prioritize your customer’s needs and wants. Unlike having to integrate what’s available, you can create much more unique features that are only relevant to your business! In this case, always look for what will suit your business in best manner.

More benefits of custom software development that you should know about:

  • Independence
  • Increased security
  • Greater control by integrating with existing authentication platforms
  • Customized project design
  • Zero-cost spent on additional features

Wrapping up

To conclude the blog, I’d only suggest you look for custom software development solution providers and create the best solutions your enterprise requires. They have experts and will help you build attractive, robust, and market-fit custom software. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about designing a standard framework or business models.

So, keep the benefits in mind and work on your custom software development for your business!

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