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How to Use SharePoint?

Many people choose to use SharePoint sites for the ability to communicate with others quickly and easily. It’s easy to set up and gives a great platform for sharing information. To get the most out of SharePoint development, it’s important to learn how it works, including what features come with the program, its noteworthy and unique functionalities and how to use them. I’ve found that there aren’t as many resources available as well as some other options out there, but hopefully this article can make things a bit easier.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based document management and collaboration tool. It provides the ability to share information, documents, news, events, and other types of content.  SharePoint is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for much more than just document management. However, it requires extensive training to fully understand its capabilities.

Understanding SharePoint Sites

SharePoint Sites are located within the Site Collection and are used to organise and share information with your team. This can include documents, tasks, events, contacts, and more. The Site Collection is a group of sites that share features, navigation, content types and other settings.

SharePoint sites come in different flavours for different purposes:

Team Sites

A Team Site is the simplest SharePoint site you can create. It is used for collaboration between a group of people working on a common project or purpose.

Communication Sites

These sites are typically used for publishing content and news to a wider audience across multiple departments. Communication Sites are more visually appealing than Team Sites and use web parts to display information in an attractive layout similar to pages on a web site.

Intranet Sites

Intranet sites are great for providing company-wide announcements, policies, procedures and other information relevant to everyone in the organisation. Many companies use intranet sites as their primary access point to SharePoint resources and tools.

SharePoint Search

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SharePoint Lists, Libraries, and Columns

SharePoint Lists

Lists are pretty much what the name implies; lists of items. These items can be almost anything from pictures, videos and documents to events, tasks or even contacts. Think of it as an Excel worksheet or database table.

SharePoint Libraries

Libraries are similar to lists but in addition to being able to create columns for each item in the list (like you would in Excel), you are also able to upload files such as Word documents or images into the library itself.

SharePoint Columns

All SharePoint lists and libraries contain columns. The columns contain the information that is stored in the list or library. For example, a list of employees may have columns for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. When you create a new list or library, you add columns to allow users to enter the information that is appropriate for the list or library.

You can work with columns in the following ways:

Creating a SharePoint Site

SharePoint is a powerful platform for sharing data, documents, and information internally. For those who are new to SharePoint, the first thing they need to know is how to create a site.

SharePoint sites work best when you have a common purpose for collaborating and sharing information. You can create sites for different projects or departments — like marketing, sales, or customer service teams. You can also create sites for events or conferences, document management, and many other business needs.

Core SharePoint Site Functionalities

Making SharePoint Site Pages

Adding Apps to Your SharePoint Site


In closing, SharePoint is a great tool for businesses and individuals alike. It’s easy to set up, use, and maintain without spending money for developer options. It works well as an extranet or intranet as well as for hosting other types of content and organization. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what SharePoint is and how it can benefit your business. Thanks for reading!

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