Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Hiring the best Angular developers is like finding a nail in a haystack. Troublesome as well as tricky. You never know what skills a developer possesses unless you test them. Two critical parameters of knowing whether a developer is the best fit or not are experience and knowledge. Ideally, both should be in correspondence. In other words, highly-experienced but shallow knowledge is not desirable. One may exaggerate experience, but knowledge cannot be faked.

This blog will find skills/knowledge that are a must-have for angular developers.

What Exactly Is Angular?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript frontend framework, developed by Google and maintained by a community of developers. This technology provides an easy way to develop applications with dynamic content for different platforms such as mobile, desktop, web, and native apps.

Angular uses two-way data binding to enable dynamic interactions and declarative templates, making it easier to reason about the application code. It allows a developer to focus on the business logic of an application and not have to worry about the back-end technology. It also provides a quick way for developers who already know JavaScript to get up and running in Angular efficiently.

What do Angular Developers Do?

Angular Developers are responsible for building user interfaces using the Angular framework with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They work with front-end technologies like Bootstrap and Foundation to build responsive websites with animations, transitions, and other effects. They also work on server-side code in NodeJS or Java applets to provide data back to the client-side of the application.

Also, Angular developers are responsible for unit testing, providing developers with the assurance that their code works properly before it is integrated into the system. This may be especially important in large-scale applications, where units can grow to thousands or even millions.

 Top Skills to look for while Hiring Angular Developers

Angular is a popular JavaScript-based framework for building web applications. It is becoming a de facto standard for web development and has been adopted by big companies like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb. Some of the skills that you should be looking for in an Angular developer are:

 Proficiency in CLI

CLI is a Command-Line Interface for the Angular application development system. It has a lot of benefits for developers, and it can be used to speed up the development process. It is a necessity for any development team working with Angular. It provides many features, such as setting up the project structure, using TypeScript and CSS preprocessors, linting your code, and simplifies the process of creating and managing Angular projects by automating tasks such as compilation, testing, linting, and so on.

An Angular developer with expertise in Angular CLI can build your application faster and with less or no errors.

 Extensive knowledge of the Angular framework

Developers who use Angular have to know how to build applications with it, and they should have extensive knowledge of the framework. This can be achieved by learning about its architecture, components, directives, and testing process. While hiring angular developers, ask them questions regarding the concept of technology and if they answer your questions satisfactorily, only hire them. Alternatively, you can test their skills by giving them a small task so as to ensure that they are the best in the industry.

Experience with JavaScript Built Tools

The developers need to manage dependencies, optimize graphics, create packages, and invalidate caches. They have to keep modifying these items which is a lengthy process and chances of errors are high. Using JavaScrip-based code and automation, the developers can create packages and automate tasks without editing the source files themselves and using tools such as Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt. Ask your developer whether they are proficient with these tools or not before hiring them.

 Know-how of TypeScript

JavaScript is the most popular web development language, there is no doubt in it. But not all websites use it. Talking about TypeScript, it is an object-oriented coding language which is perfect for managing large scale web development projects. It is a superset of JavaScript with optional static type checking and other features that make it easier to build large applications with fewer bugs. It offers optional static type checking, which helps developers write more reliable code and avoid runtime errors. Out of all the frameworks, Angular is one of the extensive frameworks which is based on TypeScript

 Knowledge of Other Technologies

The use of other technologies in Angular development, such as Node.js, React, or Vue, has increased significantly in recent years. That is why an Angular developer must have hands-on experience in other technologies to facilitate the development process. You should know what technical skills you can expect from angular developers as an employer.

Even though Angular developers can also be hired at different levels, the entry-level level requires a few essential skills to learn. Our list of necessary and desirable skills based on the level of seniority is as follows:

 Entry Level Angular Developers

  • JavaScript
  • CSS and HTML5
  • Expertise In Angular Practices
  • Knowledge Of Single Page Application Building
  • Components And Modules
  • Understanding Of The Used Web Services

Intermediate Angular Developers

  • Creation of XHRs
  • RxJs Observables
  • Infrastructure For The Front-End App Serving
  • Unit Tests
  • Validation Of User
  • Script Creation For CIE

Senior Level Angular Developers

  • Browser APIs
  • Handling Sockets
  • Features of Typescript
  • REST Architecture
  • Server-Side Rendering

Responsive Website/App Design

Developers can now build apps and websites that are responsive from start to finish. This means that they can build an app or a website without worrying about other changes, such as making it compatible with different screen sizes, resolutions, and platforms later on. App developers have been using responsive design for years because it saves them time and resources by not having to worry about compatibility issues later on. Nowadays, more and more companies are using this approach for their apps as well because it makes the development process more straightforward.

 Acquainted with Artificial Intelligence Tools

AI and machine learning have changed the web and mobile development industry – and for a good reason. They provide almost instantaneous results, work 24/7 and result in a high-quality product in a short amount of time. With the fast advancements in technology, more companies are looking for ways to add an “intelligent element” to their application. With so much demand for developers having artificial intelligence, availability is scarce. Ask your angular developers whether they are acquainted with it or not.

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These were skills you look for while hiring angular developers. Before signing a contract, ask them whether they possess these skills or not. If yes, your app development process will be smoother and bug-free. You can also interview our angular developers.

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