6 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About

6 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About

Reddit has known to be one of the most influential websites on the internet. It receives between 10 and 12 million unique visitors every month and over 100 million pageviews, giving it a large enough audience to make news and videos go viral quickly. To learn more, you can also visit this article by TechWhoop. In this article, we will be writing about 6 Reddit features you didn’t know about.

6 Reddit Features you may not be aware of

We’ve compiled a list of some of the fascinating facts about Reddit, which has a lengthy and tumultuous past. 

Even if you frequent Reddit, it’s unlikely that you’re unaware of all of these.

Reddit’s First Users Were Fake

It’s natural for no one to visit your website when you first publish it. You must build it up and spread the word. 

But how can you get started when the goal of your website is to collect community-submitted content?

Reddit, for example, lied about its users. There was plenty of stuff to keep your interest if you visited Reddit in the early days, seemingly all contributed by various users. 

In reality, it was just Reddit administrators uploading articles under several names.

In a video course for Udacity, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman discussed this. He claimed that there were two advantages to this. For starters, it established the tone for the kind of content they wanted to see on Reddit. Second, it energized the Reddit community.

 Reddit Didn’t Start With Comments

Today, comments are an important part of the Reddit experience. It’s how you interact with a community by reading other people’s responses to postings. Reddit, on the other hand, did not debut with comments; it took six months for that function to materialize.

Amusingly, user charlieb appears to be angry at the introduction of comments in the first post on the Reddit thread introducing them: “There’s nothing like keeping it simple and avoiding the mob. I, for one, am grateful to our new comment spam lords.”

Reddit, thankfully, did not pay attention to the criticism. In general, the site has done a decent job of preventing spam comments, and it’s difficult to picture Reddit without it.

Three Guinness World Records for the Largest Gift Exchange have been awarded to Reddit

RedditGifts was founded in 2009 by user kickme444 as a method for Reddit members all around the world to join together and share gifts. It all started with a Secret Santa gift exchange. Users would join up, specify their preferences, and be partnered with someone at random. When Reddit bought the site in 2011, it expanded to include all types of gift exchanges.

The exchange has achieved three Guinness World Records for organizing the largest Secret Santa gift exchange, according to the RedditGifts site. Over 200,000 people signed up to participate in 2014.

Bill Gates, who participated for several years and was known for his lavish and thoughtful presents, was one of them.

Unfortunately, RedditGifts will be shut down in 2021. According to a Reddit post, the service is shutting down so that the staff may “focus more on improving the user experience on Reddit.”

Reddit Has Hosted Countless Interviews with Celebrities and Politicians

r/IAmA (which stands for “ask me anything”) is one of the most popular subreddits, where users can ask any Reddit member questions. This subreddit was developed with the intention of making the commonplace interesting or allowing users to share their personal stories.

r/IAmA is now home to a slew of high-profile celebrity interviews. It is used by musicians, actors, and politicians to communicate their messages. Some people are more engaged than others. Woody Harrelson is famous for refusing to answer any questions that were not related to the film he was promoting.

However, US President Barack Obama, at the time, was one of the few people who grasped the aim. His post received approximately 216,000 upvotes and 23,000 comments, making it one of the most popular posts on the subreddit. What other website would allow you to casually ask the president a question?

The Stock Market Has Been Influenced By Reddit

The Reddit group r/wallstreetbets is all about the stock market. Users get together to discuss their predictions and ideas for the next big investment.

In January 2021, the subreddit gained notoriety after a large number of people collectively purchased stocks in GameStop, which was underperforming, after one user invested $50,000 in the company. With the story making headlines and many amateur investors coming on board, the gang was able to boost GameStop’s share price.

Many people cashed out and made a nice profit as the stock climbed to over 120 percent of its original value. While the scenario did not completely destabilize Wall Street, it did shake its underpinnings.

The United States accounts for 40% of Reddit’s traffic

According to Alexa, the United States accounts for over 40% of Reddit visitors. The UK contributes 8.5 percent, while India contributes 6.6 percent. While Reddit is ranked 21 in terms of worldwide traffic and interaction, it’s vital to keep in mind that the site is highly skewed toward the United States.

It’s clear if you look at the Reddit front page. Many of the memes and pop culture allusions are based on news from the United States.

It isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Despite its enormous popularity, Reddit does not perfectly reflect the opinions and feelings of everyone on the planet.

One of the most important aspects of Reddit is that it is continually changing. You won’t see the same content on your feed from day to day. That is why so many people keep coming back to it.

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