Basic Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Basic Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

What is Information and Communication Technology ICT means?

Information and communication technologies (ICT) is a broader term for information technology (IT), which refers to all communication technologies, including the Internet, wireless networks, mobile phones, computers, software, middleware , videoconferencing, social networks and others. multimedia applications and services

Technology is the fundamental pillar in the lives of many people today. Probably most of us. Consciously or unconsciously, we live surrounded by technology and it helps us and makes life easier in various ways. The information and communications technology (ICT) are considered some tools that allow easy access to information and in turn guarantee a didactic learning with full knowledge acquisition for the better development of human beings in their environment. But what is the importance of tics today? Stay in this post and know the relevance of these in many different sectors!

The Scope of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

ICTs are fundamental in many sectors. With the aforementioned, we have discovered that the importance of ICTs in everyday life is immersed in all areas: educational, social and economic. But What about day to day? We got it to the surface, evidenced in the use of information tools, such as: smartphones , the computers, the devices mobile electronics , which are common means to access information. ICTs also accompany us in our routines!

Would you like to dedicate yourself to the ICT sector? As we will see below, there are numerous sectors in which these have a great impact. Although, for the moment, we have only told you about ICTs in learning processes , there are many other areas. For example, the one that will show you this ITIL Master , also known as Master in Information and Communication Technology Infrastructures.

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education

It is essential to understand that teachers and teachers will always be a pillar of the educational process of their students. The importance of ICTs in education is to facilitate the transmission of knowledge and student learning, in order to promote good practices towards the student’s learning process , who is currently the center of interactions and knowledge.
Currently, there are no barriers to communicating with other people. The use of the Internet has allowed interpersonal relationships to evolve with technology , including the Covid-19 pandemic has made the importance of ICTs in society have an incredible relevance. Specifically, due to confinement, most communications have been from our homes, thus allowing interaction without borders and bringing both economic and social benefits.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Business

As everything positive has its negative side, some disadvantages about the use of these technologies involve the abuse and excess of information: the one that is not presented correctly, which can mean a “fake news” if the person does not carry out the respective investigations to validate that the information you are receiving is accurate; We are thus entering a process of computer culture of prevention and use of the Internet.
Keeping companies currently requires the use of technologies of information , and now with the boom that has taken the form of teleworking, financial expenses have decreased and increased integration into work and efficient management of resources company.

We mention the Internet again , as the important backbone of ICTs in companies, increasing its use through connections for data storage, technological platforms of operating systems , electronic commerce, marketing and advertising elements, social networks and more

Why is information and communication technologies (ICT) important?

The Information Technology and Communication are currently one of the most important sectors currently allow communication efficient, quick and clear among different members of the same organization, favoring vital sectors such as education, health and finance.

The importance of information technologies for greater competitiveness. Information technologies (ICT) have generated a digital revolution by breaking down the barriers of time and space that formerly existed and giving way to “reinventing” the economy, innovation and global competitiveness.

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