Video Marketing Hacks To Increase Audience Engagement

Video Marketing Hacks To Increase Audience Engagement

Informing the customers about your upcoming or existing products/services has become easy with video marketing. Hasn’t it? 

It is a great way to talk about your product and promote it! Moreover, it is easier to influence customers with compelling videos as it helps them know your product better and shows how it will benefit them. Thus, video content is a crucial tool helping brands or organizations to make their audiences understand how things clearly work and help them decide to buy your product. 

If you want to increase audience engagement and improve your digital presence, you must know these video marketing hacks to enhance your brand value and gain recognition among a wider group of your potential clients. 

 Video Marketing Tips Helping You Expand The Audience Reach

As we realize the uttermost importance of video marketing in every business, let’s jump in and check these 10 hacks empowering you to expand your audience reach:

Know Your Audience

One of the most important aspects, while you depend upon video marketing for boosting sales, is having a clear understanding of:

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What do they need? 
  • What are their preferences? 
  • What will entice them to watch this video? 
  • What benefit will the audience get from viewing the marketing clip? 

Even if you do not have answers to a few questions, don’t worry! You can take the assistance of an online video editor that proves to be cost-efficient, provides you with cloud storage, allows your video to run on any platform. 

Once you get all the answers and deeply understand the sentiments of your audience, you can start making any video. It is also important to map out your potential clients by doing customer segmentation. One should understand the importance of creating content that matches the users’ intent and what they want to see. Otherwise, all the efforts will be in vain. 

 Hook Your Audiences Early

You have up to 3 seconds to engage your viewers and make your video powerful and impactful. According to a study, 45% of the viewers will be sticking around only if they found your video intriguing through the first 3 to 10 seconds.

Making the most out of your video intro is imperative. Always remember that the viewers are yearning for good quality content. So, focus on the initial part of your video to connect to your target audience immediately, and missing out on this chance might let you lose them. 

 Be Quick

Let’s suppose you achieved the target of grabbing some audiences’ attention; what more to offer to increase the audience’s engagement? Sticking the viewers for a longer duration could be a challenging task, especially given their busy lives. If you want your audience to keep it until the end and stick around to see your call to action, company name, logo, website, etc., then make sure you know the sweet spot that ranges from 30 to 60 seconds duration of the video. Yes, videos longer than 60 seconds may drop off the customers before the end. 

Do Not Just Say It, Show It!

Did you know that 75% of the videos are watched on mobile phones instead of laptops, desktops, or iPads/tablets? Moreover, most viewers watch muted videos on their mobile phones. What does this mean? 

Optimize your videos with subtitles. This will increase its efficiency and make your video visually enticing. 

 Design Your Video With Captivating Titles and Thumbnails

The video title and thumbnails must draw your audiences’ attention whenever they click through the link or scroll down the page. As per the study conducted by YouTube Creator Academy, more than 90% of the viral videos used a high-quality thumbnail that enabled audiences to click on their video and not ignore it.

 Hashtag It!

You might be mistaken if you think #hashtags are only associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts. It also has a lot to do with strengthening video marketing tactics. 

Hashtags immensely help in organizing content along with specific themes. Using the hashtags will redirect users who search through the same hashtags to see the related content or posts. 

You can also check out trending hashtags on an online video editor. 

 Optimize With SEO

Building a video without considering SEO principles is irrational in this digital world. One of the basic ethics of marketing these days is doing extensive keyword research and plugging them inside the keyword planner to analyze the search volume and competition. Once conducting the keyword research, use them in the descriptions, tags, title, etc. However, make sure you use the keywords organically and not stuff them unnecessarily. 

 Leverage The Power of Storytelling

Trust us; your audience will love listening to and watching your video if you narrate and depict the video in a storytelling way.

The power of narration is used in many advertising, promotions, and viral marketing videos. 

 Add CTA (Call to Action)

State explicitly if you want your audiences to buy a product at the end of the video, or you want them to visit your website, or you want the viewers to check out all the services you provide. Primarily, CTA is the main motto for which you are investing time and spending money on creating the video. 

 Add Sound Effects

Setting the mood right by finding an apt soundtrack that matches your video and elicits your audience’s emotions can be achieved thoroughly by adding music into your video. 

Once you have determined what you need to accomplish with the music, it will be easier to find the perfect soundtrack with the appropriate tempo, genre, and mood. 


Summing It Up

With rampant competition for creating and posting unique videos every day on social media and other platforms, it might be a dreary task to emerge with the idea of posting a different video all together with what customers are watching now and then. 

But now, you know the secrets of garnering the utmost recognition online by following the best tips and tricks of video marketing. 

Investing your time, money, and other resources in video marketing will enable you to make the most of it and yield impeccable results.

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