Tips For Selling More Solar

Tips For Selling More Solar

Photovoltaics and solar panels are some of the easiest products to sell. That’s because the underlying premise of the sale is saving money. If you can convince your prospect that they’ll be saving much more over time compared to the initial sale, you’ll get them hooked and interested in doing business with you.

However, sometimes there are additional motivating factors that you need to consider. Sometimes, people care more about saving the environment compared to reducing the cost of their power bills. Additionally, there’s massive support from government subsidies, incentives, and reduced taxes. Visit this page for more info

In most states, the average family that installs solar panels can expect to receive anywhere between 4 and 6 thousand dollars, as well as reduce more than a hundred dollars on their power bill. Those benefits more than justify the initial cost and the price of installation and maintenance.

Make a decision on who you’re selling to 

Your first decision needs to be on whether you’ll be selling to individuals or commercial enterprises. This will influence your positioning, marketing, and sales approach. There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind for this step. The first one is project duration.

Commercial roofs on buildings are often flat. This means that the installation process is going to be relatively easy. But they’re much bigger compared to individual homes. This means that the time it takes for a single installation could take weeks or months. Working a home usually takes less than three days. Next on the list is property ownership.

In the residential market, there’s no complexity since the owner of the property allows you to work on it. However, multi-tenant buildings and commercial spaces are structures that can vary in complexity. You’ll often be exposed to different dynamics and then make a choice on who you’re most suited to work with.

Going door to door

This is a terrific way to get your solar business off the ground. It seems a little out of the ordinary at first glance, but this method is going to teach you a lot if you’re a complete novice. When you’re strolling through neighborhoods, you can quickly determine which roofs are going to be best for adding solar panels. Click here for more info.

Your salespeople can look at the people they’re selling to in real-time and answer all of their questions. If you’re starting out solo, then this will be a fantastic opportunity to improve your soft skills and learn how to negotiate. Pointing out to a potential client that their roof has a lot of promise and potential will plant a seed inside of their head.

Eventually, they’re going to seek you out and ask additional questions. Nowadays, people tend to underestimate the power of going door to door and offering your services. But that’s one of the best ways to get experience fast and start working with your first few clients.

In the world of solar, there’s another interesting statistic. The easiest people to sell to are the ones who have neighbors with photovoltaics installed. They don’t want to be outside of the loop, which is why this strategy works incredibly.

Targeted online communities

Even though the number of users on Instagram and Tik Tok keeps increasing at an incredible rate, the go-to marketing option for your new venture should be Facebook. There are plenty of like-minded groups that you can join, which will make your marketing costs close to zero.

Joining solar groups is an excellent area to market your services and products. That’s because the people in those groups are already sold on the notion of harnessing energy from the sun, and they’re just looking for the day when they can really put it to use.

You don’t have to focus on selling them the concept of renewable energy and saving money since they’re already aware of it. The only thing you should concentrate on in this case is the value that your business can give them, as well as why you’re better than your competitors.

Instead of posting discounts and offers, use software for solar proposals and start by establishing yourself as an expert in the niche. Offer your knowledge and experience in exchange for nothing. Eventually, members will remember you in the future and open your profile to ask for a suggestion or an inquiry of their own. That’s the time when you should suggest you company.

Additionally, feel free to reach out to people who are asking about finding reputable solar contractors in their area. When you install some panels for someone in the group, take a picture and post it in the same place. That’s going to bring in more clients, and it’s going to be an effective word of mouth strategy to increase clients.

Local targeting

Instead of posting an ad for the entire world to see, try to go local. Focus on your town and choose a target demographic of people that are actively looking for solar. Once you have some info from your marketing campaign, use remarketing to target consumers that have already interacted with your website to have them see your offers more regularly.

Also, don’t forget about keyword research which is going to help you in raising your rank in the search engine positions. Finally, always remember to do a perfect job because your current clients could be an excellent source of leads. Creating long-lasting relationships is key when doing business.

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