React Native Vs Swift: The Best iOS App Platform of 2022

React Native Vs Swift: The Best iOS App Platform of 2022

According to the reports, Android has a 73% market share, while 26% contributes to iOS. Plus, the app store has 1.5 times more applications than GooglePlay. Thus, this shows that mobile app development has increased in the market. However, the developer has to think and choose which I should use, react native or Swift, for mobile app development? It is the major thing which developers have to think about.

This article will teach you about the difference between react native and swift. Plus, what are the react native and swift? Hence, you will benefit from knowing which is better to use for which application. If you are thinking of building an app and you are a developer. It will help if you read this article. You will get rid of that confusion and choose an appropriate framework.

What Is React Native?

When you are a newbie in react native app Development Company. It would help if you were confused between React Native and React, or you think they both are the same. However, they are not the same, and a developer should know the basic difference between them. If we are talking about react native, it is a framework used for independent mobile applications with JavaScript based. It is created by Facebook to enhance the speed of the mobile development procedure.

According to the statista reports, in Swift, react native is used and supported by JavaScript. Furthermore, 68% of developers support JavaScript to increase Swift usage and popularity. However, independent apps are not so powerful and have a poorer user experience.

Pros of React Native

When you use react native framework for mobile app development, the developer should know the benefits of using a react native framework in their project. Following are the Advantages of React Native App Development.

  • Time efficiency:

The developers get benefits of time and development with this framework as it is an independent operating system. The developer can achieve this by writing the code, and it reduces the 70% developer’s coding writing time and building apps.

  • Smaller team:

The react native developer can build one program for Android and iOS, and it will reduce the cost of two different native developers. Plus, it will prevent timeline discrepancies, which can happen when you have two development teams in your company. Suppose your company has two development teams working on the iOS and Android applications. Thus, they have to create timeline discrepancies among themself. Thus, if you use React Native, you don’t have to hire two development teams and do all such stuff.

  • Rich library support:

As the name suggests, rich libraries, which means react native have 33 thousand libraries and packages. At the same time, Swift has 38 thousand packages. However, numbers do not guarantee language quality or a framework.

  • High grade of automation:

It does not revolve around writing code. Instead, it also includes bug fixing, testing, releasing, and many more. However, the developers have advantages as they can automate these tasks and not bind with the routine.

  • Gateway to nativeness:

The developer can’t create 100% native apps. They must use the cross-platform and save the cost of the application.

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What Is Swift?

Swift is the language created by the Apple team and open source community. It helps in building native iOS applications. It is considered the general language and is designed to develop iOS apps for tvOS, macOS and many more. Swift’s main aim is to attract developers’ attention to iOS development. It was established in 2014, and since that time, it has gained a respected name in different applications. When your developer is working on this framework, they should make sure they use the open-source LLVM compiler framework. If you are using the Swift framework, you should know the benefits of it.

Pros Of Swift

  • Flexible scalability:

The flexibility in the function components will empower the project to increase quickly. Plus, it helps the developer build an application with the LLVM compiler technology, convert swift code, and enhance the native code. As A Result, a developer gets high-quality mobile app development.

  • Precise and handling:

Swift is good at handling errors and typing code and helps in code crashes during production. It helps the developer provide the appropriate mobile application as it detects the error at the production time.

  • Automatic memory management:

It uses Automatic reference counting for the garbage collector function. ARC helps the developer to find the repetitive instances and helps the developer to get rid of them. Plus, this creates more space for other apps to run with more power.

Comparison of React Native And Swift

When comparing react native and swift, you have to choose one of them as both have different benefits and merits. You have to choose one of them according to your projects and needs. The following are comparisons between Swift and react native and provide the difference details.

  • Stability:

The react native works in the descent natives like UI. At the same time, Swift does not have that much stability. So the developer can take advantage of the device’s features and be more stable by using react native app development. However, when you have to rate stability between the react native and swift. Swift is the best.

  • Performance:

React Native is not as good at performance as Swift is cross-platform development. Swift also gets the benefits, and it is at the top of the competition, especially with the dynamic apps. Hence, Swift is good for performance.

  • Talent pool:

When you compare both languages, react Native has a wider area. Whereas Swift is more famous and valuable in mobile app development. Hence, React Native has more points in the talent pool.

  • User Interface:

It is the native element, and it is used to develop a native application. Whereas Swift is working for the iOS programming and using UI components. So Swift is more suitable for it.

  • Coding speed:

If a company has focused on determining the coding pace, then Swift is the best option. React native is good when you are thinking of launching your app on iOS and Android. .

Bottom Line

These are the primary differences between Swift and React Native. You must know this basic difference when working on mobile app development. Plus, if you are a developer, you should consider these differences as both have diverse benefits. According to your project, you should select one.

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