IT Support Trends For Future Industry

IT Support Trends For Future Industry

5G Will future of Telecom Industry

All the talk and hype about 5G will become a reality in 2021. The need for a reliable and fast
connection had only become urgent a few months earlier. As digital collaboration, remote
working, and video conferencing became a part of our lives, we needed to find ways to increase
the speed.

It was already clear enough for telecommunications companies that 5G was the way to go. The use
of this technology will be important for various tools such as the IoT. Around 51% of companies
using IoT have seen improved insight into customer needs, behaviors, and preferences. The value
of 5G will therefore skyrocket in 2021.

Employment of Automation Technology

Automation is mostly associated with efficiency. It is undoubtedly particularly helpful in the
IT industry when it comes to simplifying increasingly complex tasks and systems. There are
several advantages to minimizing manual labor by replacing it with autopilot systems
Centralizing routine tasks,Improving time management,Reducing the impact of human
factor,Increasing productivity

Customer Data Platforms

In the past few months we’ve seen a surge in customer data platforms (CDP). Organizing
fragmented data from multiple sources is not easy. To work efficiently, you need well-curated
and timely processes.

In a recent study, an estimated $ 3 trillion annually goes down the drain due to poor data.
Therefore, it is very important that you as a company address this issue early on. Fortunately,
CDPs help solve this problem by collecting data from all sources. You then organize it, mark it
up, and make it usable.

Internet of Behaviors

Internet of Behaviors upcoming trend that you will hear more about in 2021. Businesses and
businesses are using the technology to monitor consumer and customer behavior. Some of the
effective technological tools here are location tracking, big data, and facial
recognition.Gartner predicts that more than half of the world’s population will be using an IoB
tool by 2025.

Usage of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means giving users easy access to a shared network of computing resources over
the Internet (“the cloud”). These services increase resource flexibility, accelerate innovation,
and help improve infrastructure management and scale.

If problems arise with the IT infrastructure or application, a user can contact a Tier 2
Helpdesk Setup Guide for assistance in resolving these problems. During this phase, the Level 2
technician contacts a user to investigate the problem further.


With the cybersecurity mesh you can access all digital security resources – regardless of their
location. The advantage of this technology is that people can place the security wall around
individuals rather than the entire company.

The sudden surge in remote workforce and cloud technology has compromised the security of
corporate assets outside of the organization. Thanks to the help of the cybersecurity network,
the security perimeter goes beyond that and covers people who work remotely.

Private Computing

It includes the encryption of the entire computing process and not just the data. This creates
additional levels of security that help protect sensitive information. We should expect more
data protection and confidential data processing from 2021.

The Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of clearly identified objects (actually “things”) that can
communicate with one another via an IP connection without human intervention. Put simply, IoT is
transforming ordinary things into new devices, from smartwatches to smart cities.

Despite the ongoing negative impact of the pandemic on IoT budgets, IoT Analytics expects IoT
spending to grow 24% in 2021, with the total market reaching $ 159.8 billion by the end of 2021.
The main benefit of the Internet of Things for businesses is that they will gain access to more
data about their products as well as their internal systems, which will help make further

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI has continued to improve the operations of many businesses and businesses. The pandemic has
made its use even more common. AI, data and machine learning have played an unmatched role in
this coronavirus era.

We saw how AI helped with the suggestions customers get when shopping on Amazon or even while
watching movies on Netflix. More companies will benefit from AI as the cloud continues to
provide access to increasing computing power, software and frameworks. It is estimated that 45%
of companies using artificial intelligence have increased their total spend per customer and
their ASPs.

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