How to Keep Tech Safe From Damage on Your Commute

How to Keep Tech Safe From Damage on Your Commute

Technology today is a part of our everyday lives and is often essential for our careers too. We’re on the move more than ever before, so our phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and accessories are always in tow as we head to work or school. With our tech devices being so integrated into our lives, it can truly put a damper on your day — and make your job much harder — if any piece of tech gets damaged or lost on your commute. From costly replacements to dead devices, we want to avoid any and all tech disasters while we’re on the move!

Luckily, there is an array of effective, high-quality solutions available on the market to help keep your tech safe during the daily commute. These solutions will protect your phone, laptop, and tablet, from damage, while keeping your accessories organized and in great condition. From cases to cords, we’ve rounded up all of the best tech solutions for commuting.

Find the Perfect Case for Your Phone and Tablet

Let’s start with the basics! No tech-safety strategy neglects to mention protective cases. You never know what your daily commute will throw at you, and your device needs to be ready to tackle any bumps, drops, scratches, and rain. Some protective features to look out for when searching for the perfect case for your devices include drop protection, screen protection, waterproof ability, and overall durability.

From more lightweight cases to rugged cases ready for anything, you know what your phone’s unique casing needs are. How much protection do you need? Is your usual commute to work smooth and uneventful or bumpy and rushed? Be sure to do your homework and make sure to choose a phone case that fits your lifestyle. If you live in a rainy city, definitely opt for a water-resistant option.

The same customization goes for your tablet case, and largely depends on what your commute looks like, what you primarily use your tablet for, and how accessible you need it to be. Perhaps your tablet case will require a kickstand for easy video viewing or a built-in keyboard for taking notes. Perhaps your best option is a field-ready holster-style case for your tablet that keeps it both accessible and protected while you move around. Finally, be sure to take a look at reviews to get a sense of the case’s quality level, and purchase one from a trusted brand that’s focused on electronics.


Choose a Durable All-In-One Bag

Your bag is the home for all of your must-have devices and tech accessories during your commute and throughout the day, and choosing the right one depends on your unique lifestyle and needs. Great bags for commuting to work are available in various styles including messenger, briefcase, and backpack. While backpacks may have a bit more room, messenger bags can offer a more stylish look and give you easier access to the items you need on the go.

Consider opting for a bag specifically designed for work and commuting. These bags are sure to include all of the commute-ready features! From various sized compartments to easy access pockets — to compartments specifically designed to hold your water bottle or extra pair of footwear — these bags really have it all. If you live in a rainy area, be sure to also select a bag created with water-resistant materials and experience peace of mind during your next rainy walk to work.

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Keep Devices and Accessories Organized

A great way to ensure that your devices and accessories stay in the best working condition possible is to keep them stored as safely and as organized as possible at all times. If your charging cables are always in a tangled mess at the bottom of your bag, their lifespan will decrease as they become damaged over time. Your charging cords can even scrape the surfaces of your devices, and unsecured devices can come into contact with other damaging items as you walk or move around. For optimum organization, high-quality laptop backpacks are often the best option as they offer loads of space and many designated compartments. With many different sizes available to suit your needs, any great backpack will offer a pocket to perfectly fit and protect your laptop, multiple smaller pockets for your cords and cables, and even a tablet pocket. Expandable backpack options are perfect for those with a lot to carry, who still want to stay as organized as possible.

Choose a durable, reliable organization solution from a trusted tech accessories brand, and be on the lookout for cool features like water-resistant fabric, easy-access pockets, and lightweight designs.

Track and Backup Everything

Consider equipping your backpack, briefcase, or whatever bag you use to commute with a durable tracking device from a trusted brand. Should you, unfortunately, leave your bag behind, you’ll be able to track it down far easier than if you had nowhere to start. To prevent needing to track down your devices in the first place, be sure to never leave them unattended on your commute.

If your device is lost, stolen, or damaged for good, you’ll be grateful that you backed up your data. No one wants to lose their valuable data, work, and personal digital artifacts. Backing up your devices regularly will protect your data, photos, contacts, documents, and more. And it will make it far easier for you to transition to a new device should you need to. It’s scary to think about the possibility of losing your tech while commuting, but preparing for the worst will help to keep all of your devices safe and hopefully out of harm’s way.

With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for keeping your tech safe on your commute. Say goodbye to cracked screens and destructive water damage! When you select your perfect tech protection product, your tech will always arrive in perfect condition and it will be ready to assist and entertain you throughout your day.

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