How to Improve Audio from Chrome Web Browser

How to Improve Audio from Chrome Web Browser

Every audio device and app has its own audio settings that go hand in hand with the mail volume settings. You can mute Google Chrome even if your other sound settings are set to high. A lot of users complained about Google Chrome’s no sound issue. Most of the issues got resolved just by tweaking a few settings to boost audio from a specific browser.

If your Google Chrome has no sound in Windows 10, these tips and tricks can help you boost volume in the Chrome browser. We just need to follow a logical approach to narrow down the issue and get a proper resolution. The regular sound quality may not impress you however if you tweak the sound settings, you can enhance the sound quality from your PC. You can follow these steps to increase system volume or use the best sound booster to boost volume in Windows.

Increase System Volume

The first setting that you can check is the system volume levels on your Windows. This volume mixer can display the sound levels of all the installed devices and apps.

Step 1. Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of the taskbar and click on the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option.

Step 2. Drag all the bars to their peak and ensure none of the options is on Mute. There is a possibility that the speaker volume is set to high however Google Chrome volume is set to low

Install Sound Equalizer

If all the volume levels are up and you are still not able to experience high-quality audio sound, you can try installing the best sound equalizer for your browser.

Sound Equalizer by ExtGroup offers one of the best audio equalizers with audio equalizers and volume control for music lovers. It can enhance the sound quality and boost volume in the Chrome browser. It comes with a 10 band equalizer and audio filter to customize the sound quality. It comes with 14 preset music genres and a volume booster to boost up to 400% volume. It has a bass booster and vocal booster to enhance sound quality in low and high modes.

Unmute Google Chrome Site

If you are facing Google Chrome no sound issue, you can also check if the site is not on Mute. This will not show any error and will not give any sound output. You can quickly check the Unmute option while playing videos or music on Google Chrome.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and try to play the video you want to watch.

Step 2. Check if the system volume bars are all set to high. Check the volume bar on the video is also set to high.

Step 3. Right-click on the tab and click on Unmute Site. This step should play the sound if the video was on Mute earlier. If it is not on Mute, it will show the option to Mute Site.

Control Google Chrome Audio

Google Chrome offers a new button to control your music or videos on the browser or on connected devices. Open up a new tab and play a video or audio on your browser. Once it’s open, you can click on the top-right corner of the address bar to access the ‘Control music, video and more’ setting. This control allows you to play, pause, go next/previous on your music list.

Check Google Chrome Sound Settings

You can also check the Google Chrome site settings and change it to default. If you allow the sound permissions on your computer, sites will play a sound when you play an audio or video. This step resolves a lot of no sound issues on websites.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots on the top-right to customize settings.

Step 2. Click on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Go to Privacy and Settings and click on the Site Settings option.

Step 4. Expand a webpage and look for Sound settings. Select Automatic (Default) from the drop-down list to enable the site to play sound from the site content.

Install Windows Updates

If there is no sound at all on your Windows, you can Fix Sound Problems by troubleshooting sound issues on Windows. the first troubleshooting step that you can perform is to check for the latest Windows Updates. If there is a bug, patch required or an outdated driver issue, it can be fixed just by installing the latest Windows Updates. You can also check out the notifications in the Action Centre if there is any issue with the sound and audio options.

Step 1. Press (Win + I) to get into Windows Settings.

Step 2. Click on the Update & Security option from the list.

Step 3. Click on the Check for Updates button to install new Windows Updates. If there is any critical update installed, it will ask you to restart the computer.

Boost Volume in Windows

The best audio enhancer and mixer can boost Google Chrome audio and take your experience to a new level. The above steps can fix Google Chrome no sound issue however to enhance the overall sound quality and output from your computer, the windows best volume booster can double the sound output. There are a lot of FREE options available however if you wish to relish crystal-clear sound, if you are a professional sound designer, you should go for the best volume booster for PC.

Boom 3D – Volume Booster

Price – $39.99

Free Trial – 30 days

Compatibility – Windows 11 and earlier versions

Boom 3D is one of the greatest sound enhancers available for Windows 11 and earlier versions. It is loaded with multiple pre-set equalizers to match your audio needs. You can increase system volume to double the original output and set it up for music, video, movies or games. It will boost volume in Google Chrome while streaming your favourite movies, videos, TV shows and more.

Summing Up

If you have experienced issues with Google Chrome audio, this article on how to boost volume on the Google Chrome browser can be a great help. We have collated all the best possible steps to resolve sound issues with the Google Chrome browser and increase system volume. We had also listed the best sound enhancer to boost volume in Windows 11 and earlier versions.

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