How to Buy Instagram Followers and Reduce Getting Shadowbanned

How to Buy Instagram Followers and Reduce Getting Shadowbanned

Many Instagram influencers have complained about shadowbanning in recent times. Although Instagram has denied any shadowbanning allegations, there is indeed shadowbanning on the platform.

This post is perfect for anyone who’s an aspiring social media influencer but has just started using Instagram. Learn more about shadowbanning, how it works, and what you can do to prevent your page from being banned. Let’s jump right in!

What is shadowbanning on Instagram?

Imagine this: You have a large social media following who engages with your posts regularly. One day you notice that your posts don’t get the same amount of engagement as they used to. What could have possibly happened? Is it possible that your followers have lost interest in you suddenly? Or is there something more sinister under the surface?

Your posts may have been ‘shadowbanning’. This is an Instagram practice to remove pages that don’t comply with its Terms of Service. Your followers won’t be able to see a post that is shadowbanned. In this situation, anyone can only see the post if they go to your Instagram account. This isn’t the best way to see Instagrammer’s posts, right?

Your followers won’t be able to see your posts in their feeds. It’s unlikely they will continue to visit your Instagram page for updates. In all likelihood, your dream of becoming an influencer or brand on Instagram will end.

What is the purpose of shadowbanning?

Although Instagram shadowbanning is something that many Instagram users hate, it is necessary. Instagram shadowbanning an account or post from one account is only done to make it seem credible.

Instagram has risen to the top of social media and offered both individual and corporate income opportunities over the past few years. Many people are trying to profit from these money-making opportunities through unfair means.

Instagram users often pay to have their followers increased quickly by using bots. This is a bad practice that can negatively impact the credibility of Instagram. Insta’s moderators quickly enforce their shadowban on such pages.

Shadowbanning your Instagram page could also be a possibility if you do not:

  • Use too many hashtags: Instagram users often use 20-30 hashtags to promote a single post. Sometimes, they include irrelevant hashtags just to increase visibility. You shouldn’t use more than 5-6 hashtags per post. It is important to avoid using the same hashtags for each post. Insta’s moderators may consider your activity spamming if you use the same hashtags in all of your posts. This could lead to shadowbans.
  • Upload inappropriate content. If your content is not in line with Instagram’s Community Standards it will be shadowbanned. Instagram does not recommend such posts to users via their Explore or hashtag search pages.

Although Instagram representatives claim they don’t shadow ban users, Instagram shadowbanning indeed exists.

How to determine if your shadow is banned on Instagram

A drastic drop in user engagement is the most obvious sign that your Instagram account has been shadowbanned. This doesn’t necessarily mean your account is shadowbanned every time user engagement drops. Sometimes changes to Insta’s algorithm can cause engagement rates to drop. There are three steps you can take to confirm the shadowban status on your Instagram account.

  • Use Insta’s Analytics feature Instagram offers its own Analytics feature, which allows users to see a range of stats that can be used to assess the growth and decline of their pages. You can gain insight into engagement rates by looking at metrics like impressions or profile visits. A sharp decline in engagement rates could indicate that Instagram has banned your account.
  • Perform shadow ban testing using online tools. There are a few online tools, like Triberr and The Heist that can help you find the hashtags for which you are most likely to be shadowbanned. These tools can help you identify the hashtags that have been shadowbanned if your account is indeed shadowbanned.
  • Use a hashtag search. Hashtag searches are the easiest way to find out if your account has been shadowbanned. First, publish a post with an unusual hashtag to perform a hashtag search. Next, ask your friends to do hashtag searches on Instagram with the unusual hashtag you used. If they do, your post will be found in the search results. If they don’t find your post in the search results, your account has likely been shadowbanned.

To reduce shadow ban risk, consider buying followers

Many blogs and articles about Instagram state that buying followers can lead to deleted posts and shadowbanned accounts. This practice can only cause you harm if you buy followers as bots. Most services that offer bots as followers are often very expensive. These bots will then run wild in your comments.

The majority of comments left by bots will not be relevant to your post. This will make it very obvious that you have purchased these followers. Your credibility will suffer. Your credibility will be severely damaged if you leave irrelevant comments. This can also distract people who are truly interested in your posts and may cause them to put off your posts.

But, you don’t have to buy Instagram followers if they are organic. Organic engagement is what the Instagram algorithm values more than any other feature: organic followers. This leads to meaningful and relevant comments from users on all your posts. This increases the credibility of your Instagram page and Instagram.

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The best tips to avoid shadowbans

In the penultimate section, we will share with you how to avoid a shadowban on Instagram.

  • Remove bots: If bots are following you, remove them immediately from your followers list. While your followers may drop, this can prevent your Instagram account from being shadowbanned. If you find any suspicious followers, you should also delete them. Keep in mind that the goal is to make your Instagram account as credible as possible.
  • Search for banned hashtags: Instagram has removed certain hashtags from its platform due to their inappropriate nature. You can be certain that more hashtags will be banned as more of them become controversial. Before you use a hashtag in a post, make sure it isn’t banned by Instagram. Your post will be automatically shadowbanned by Instagram if it is.
  • Do not rely on third-party apps to post comments and photos. Being an active Instagram user for brands or influencers can be difficult. Many Instagram users choose third-party apps that post photos and comments on their behalf. Although these apps can seem convenient, Instagram monitors them closely and limits their activity. There’s a good chance your account will be banned if an app does all the work.
  • Follow Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. All Instagram accounts must follow the Instagram Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. It would be surprising to learn that many Instagram users don’t know these terms. The chances of getting banned are very slim if your posts comply with the Community Guidelines.


If you see repressed Instagram posts, you have likely been shadowbanned. shadowbanning on Instagram can be reversed by removing all suspicious followers (including bots) and buying organic followers from a trusted service provider.

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