How Night Light Apps of Android & iOS Work with the Latest Technology?

How Night Light Apps of Android & iOS Work with the Latest Technology?

People were looking for Night Light Apps on mobiles phones as their intense light was dangerous for people’s eyesight when they were in bed at night. The night light relaxes users, especially young students, during their exams. Using mobile phones with intense bright light is one of the causes of weak eyesight and a common disability of many students.

The mobile screen display is measured in nits and 200 to 1000 nits are acceptable for the eyes. Dark modes of cell phones are introduced to reduce eye strain issues who spend a long time staring at the mobile phone screens. Dim lights use less battery consumption and help the users fall asleep at night.

The Blue and yellow light of mobile phones are best for eyes’ relaxation as these lights use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The electrons in LEDs fill the gap between two different materials by moving quickly and they cause the emission of significantly less energy in the form of photons. The electrons of LEDs do not let the material (mobile) heat up and utilize very little energy.

Following are the apps that use night light apps for mobiles phones with the Latest Technology:

  1. Night Owl
  2. Twilight
  3. sFilter
  4. lumen
  5. Dimly

Night Owl

Night Owl is a screen dimmer application that manages the brightness of your mobile phones and maintains your eyesight. You can adjust its brightness lower than default to protect your eyes from intense radiation. This application is enabled by users mostly before they go to sleep and prevents headaches or eye strain.

This application is available in blue, red, and green filters and the users can select its colors according to their needs. They can adjust a timer to reduce its light daily when the sun sets automatically. It allows the users to manage its settings so that its brightness increases when they move in bright sunlight and decreases when they move to shady areas.

This platform enables you to change the brightness by simply shaking the mobile phones. Its dim light variety improves users’ vision and lowers the temperature of your screen. Its red light causes non-glaring illumination and this light heals users’ eyes from any damage. Its comfortable color options prevent them from acne, scars, wrinkles, and redness.


Twilight is an Android brightness controlling the application of mobile screens. It includes red and blue light for illumination and gives you full control over brightness. It manages filtering time and color temperature as well as takes care of eye. It takes much less space on mobile, is free to use, and caches tiny pieces of data.

This application contains sensors that detect the light intensity in the room and automatically decrease its brightness. Its dimmer light option consumes less battery and increases the screen time display. Its single and smart layouts are easy to navigate which helps to control the user interface.

This platform has a transparent navigation bar that controls the currently displayed screens. It provides users’ eyes with a comfortable red filter and this filter is adjusted to the sunrise. Its moody overlay provides a dazzling look to your mobile and also blocks harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.

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sFilter or blue light filter controls the brightness of your mobile phones to protect you from eye strain problems. The blue filter boosts melatonin production, improving circadian rhythms’ timing. Exposure to intense light disturbs your natural sleep cycle and can cause medications like Alzheimer’s.


Blue light is commonly used in tablets, laptops, and LCD TVs which causes no harmful effect on your retina. The blue light has a wavelength for better sleep and mode; you can adjust its settings manually if you prefer. This application also works under Night Shift on iPhone, extending the battery life.

This platform is helpful as its dim light allows the users to use the digital devices for a long time. It contains filter colors of seven shades and these shades are designed according to the light intensity of your room. It has a schedule mode that changes its brightness according to the remaining mobile battery percentage.


CF.lumen is a night light app that manages your phone’s brightness as it turns the blue light ON in the day and enables red light at night. It contains color temperature, color correction, night mode/dark theme, display management, backlight brightness control, and automatic brightness dimming tools.

This application also automatically dims its brightness when the phone is being used for a long time to prevent eye problems. It maintains the correct brain activity cycle by adjusting the color shade of your screen. It is adjustable with gamma rays and manages the display’s color temperature.

This platform has a user-friendly application interface with a quick adjustment of the color temperature filter. The users can adjust the lower brightness threshold, approximately 20% lower than the standard intensity. All the customizable buttons are available in its notification panel and many options can be set using sliders.


Dimly or Night Mode is the brightness controlling app that usually dims its light when an intense mobile light may cause eye problems at night. It contains blue light filtering, backlight dimming, customizable minimum and maximum intensity level, and an auto-stop timer. You can shake the phone in a particular direction to restore its brightness and bring it to default.

This application has a user-friendly graphical interface that takes much less memory space. It lowers its light at night for better usage and readability for Android phones. Its device screen is very comfortable for traveling, watching videos, and doing university assignments at night for the users.

This platform has a balanced light intensity and opacity which relieves the stress on the eyes and keeps contracting the pupils of your eyes. It is a self-explanatory application with several features like a light sensor, color blindness, and a blue light filter. It is a lightweight application and saves the battery power of users’ phones.

Final Thoughts:

Night light applications for mobile phones are user-friendly applications presenting eye-soothing color variety for screen displays with less wavelength. The users, especially students who have to work on screens late at night, widely use these apps and their eye-related problems are resolved using dim screen lights.

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