Facebook Fan Badges: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Fan Badges: Everything You Need to Know

Those people who are more active on a Facebook page can receive the so-called featured fan badge. To achieve this, followers have to watch videos, like content, share posts, comment on posts, and react to most posts. People who manage to perform all the actions described above, will have the possibility to activate the featured fan badges and have it next to their name every time they interact with your page. Likewise, the person’s name will appear on a public list of featured fans on your page in the community tab.

How To Use Facebook Top Fans Badge

Facebook released an update on the pages of companies and public figures that identifies the most engaged users , this consists of a diamond above the user’s name with the phrase “Featured fan.”

The badge is the way in which the social network distinguishes those people who actively participate in the different pages of the social network.The symbolic prize is obtained by frequently commenting, reacting and sharing the publications of any page.

What is the Featured Fan Badge on Facebook?

The most active people on a Facebook page can get a Featured Fan badge, for example, if you follow a particular page (like RSVP Online ) you can become a Featured Fan (which does not mean that it will happen with all pages that continue, this only applies to the ones you are more active). And how to become a Featured Fan? It really is easy. If you like a page, watch its videos, indicate that you like or react to its content, and comment or share its posts, you will soon be.

The benefits that you will get from being a Featured Fan are, after activating it, having it next to your name when you interact with the content of the page. Also show yourself publicly in the Featured Fans list on the “Community” tab of the page. Some pages usually give gifts or preferences to their Featured Fans such as courses, discounts, etc., so you must be very vigilant.

How Do I Know If I Am A Featured Fan On Facebook?

In fact, it is quite easy to know if you are a prominent fan on Facebook, this due to the fact that the same application or Facebook page; It will notify you by means of a notification where it will announce if you are a prominent fan.

Now, when Facebook tells you that you are a featured fan on a fanpage, you can accept it or, in any case, completely discard the badge. Everything will depend on the person.

Who Awards Badges On Facebook?

Earning a featured fan badge on Facebook can be quite uphill and can take several days. In addition, everything will depend on how much the user reacts to the publications, shares them and comments, since who gives the badges on Facebook are the administrators of the Facebook page or fan page.

Since only the administrators of the fanpage have the power to grant the featured fan badge to the user who has managed to share the most and comment on the publications, in addition to these badges are not generated automatically.

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How do you see your badges on Facebook?

In order to know in which fanpage I am a featured fan, it is necessary to be aware of notifications, since there Facebook will send the corresponding notice, informing that the person has been nominated as a featured fan so that it accepts and can have this badge without no problem.

How to Remove Featured Fan On Facebook?

When we have a featured fan badge on a Facebook fanpage, we will appear in a list within the fanpage of which you are a featured fan. It is in this list where the administrators of said page have the power to remove the featured fan from a user, either because they have stopped making comments, likes or if they have stopped sharing content.

How can I get a Featured Fan Badge?

The answer is simple: take a very active part in the life of a page or group. This includes watching videos being posted, liking and sharing posts, and of course commenting.

There are some stipulations however. The page or group in question must have more than 10,000 followers, so this will definitely rule out your local church group or book club. The page must also have the Facebook badges feature enabled for everything to work. You can see who the Top Fans are for a page by visiting them and clicking on the Community option in the left column. This will present you with a box at the top titled Featured Fans, with a list of the chosen few inside.

How do I get a fan badge on Facebook?

Requirements to activate featured fan badges on your facebook page. Featured fans are primarily intended for video pages, but they are suitable for all types of pages. As long as you meet the following requirements to be accepted.

  • Not wearing the civic engagement badge
  • Have created the page at least 28 days before
  • Have approximately 10,000+ followers
  • Switch to video template for facebook pages

Another aspect to note is that featured fans are only available for suitable facebook pages and not for facebook profiles.

How to turn featured fan badges on and off on your page?

You must bear in mind that in order to activate the featured fan option, your page must first meet the requirements established by facebook in order to enable this option for your community of followers.

In order to activate or deactivate the featured fan badges, you must perform the following steps:

  • You go to your facebook page and give the configuration option that is at the top.
  • There, in the column on the left, you will click on the option facebook badges.
  • You will click here, both to activate it and to deactivate the featured fan badges.

After activating the featured fans option, it can take up to a week for fans to accept their badges and for them to appear in the community tab of your facebook page.

How to remove featured fan badge?

To carry out the removal of the featured fan badge on your Facebook page, you must click on the comment that your fan has posted on the content you have made on your page, and after that you will select the option to delete badge.

Another way to do it is, by clicking on the name of the person in the list of outstanding fans that is in the community tab of your facebook page, and then go to delete the badge.

Conclusion : The featured fan badge is undoubtedly a new way that Facebook uses so that fanpages have a greater relationship and interact in a better way with their entire community. Therefore, without a doubt, it is already a powerful tool to achieve greater engagement and position even more fanpages in the Facebook search engine.

Similarly, this relatively new tool devised by Facebook is also a way for users to feel represented and rewarded for their active participation in the fanpage. Achieving with this a better interaction between the brand and the user of the fanpage in which it participates, this being extremely positive for both parties.

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