Coworking Space vs Working From Home: Pros & Cons

Coworking Space vs Working From Home: Pros & Cons

With technological advancements, working from home or any other place is highly preferred by business professionals. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are among those who are highly benefited by the technology. However, working from home and joining coworking spaces stand two choices that businesses have to choose from.

Working From Home

A fun thing about owning a business is that you have the opportunity to decide your working hours and the location you desire to work from. Although working remotely or from home can be a great option, it has both benefits and drawbacks.

Working Remotely: Pros

  • Healthy work-life balance

Working from home allows you to drop your kids on the bus, spend time on your hobbies, cook dinner, learn new skills, and much more. It becomes a bit easy to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.

  • Saves Time

When you don’t have to commute it eventually saves the time you would have spent travelling. You save yourself from the stressful long hours of traffic that drain most of your energy and time.

  • Cost-effective

When you work from home, you don’t have to pay the rent for any working space. You can also deduct some business expenses from your taxes, such as your laptop, phone, and other office supplies.

  • Healthy diet

Working from the office eventually develops a habit of eating at restaurants or hanging out in coffee shops. This likelihood will drain your pockets without you realising it. Working from home will make you save money as well as your health.

Working Remotely: Cons

  • Less productivity

Self-discipline is much more challenging when you lack the motivation to do so. Having the drive to excel in your field is linked with self-discipline. It can be challenging to get out of bed and perform the same task every day. Thus, working remotely for long term might reduce your productivity.  

  • Absence of a professional meeting area

If there comes a time when you have to meet your potential clients for a discussion, it won’t seem good to invite them home. Yes, you can meet at coffee shops, but sitting in a professional meeting space creates a good impression and might increase your credibility as well.

  • Lacking networking skills

When you virtually connect with your coworkers, the conversation is way too different from what you have during face-to-face interactions. There will be video calls but still, not everyone is comfortable switching on their cameras. (There will be situations when your family members will keep staring at you and you might get embarrassed!)

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Working From Coworking Space

Business owners who aren’t up for owning a permanent workspace can go for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are cost-efficient and cover up most of the limitations that are faced while working from home. Coworking keeps you aloof from feeling lonely, develops your interpersonal skills, and enhances your productivity. There are workshops held to let you grow as an individual, and many more benefits come along with it.

Coworking Spaces: Pros

  • Enhances Networking 

Coworking spaces attract like-minded people. There’s a high possibility that you’ll find individuals with skill sets that will be beneficial for your business. Also, you may offer your services to people, further increasing your clients.

  • Well managed routine

While working from home, you might end up having a completely lazy day spent watching series and movies. When you go to a workspace, you see others working around you, you eventually get motivated to do atleast some work if not everything. Atleast at the end of the day, you will not be feeling guilty about wasting time.

  • Cost-effective

Coworking spaces only charge for the area you desire to use for work. They offer exciting deals and offers for every worker without any additional cost. Small businesses won’t have to deal with the burden of long-term leases, which will help them to expand themselves effectively.  This cost-saving method turns out to be beneficial because it allows them to invest in their business instead of paying for a regular office space.

  • Choice between private and shared offices

Coworking spaces include both shared and private offices. These workspaces have transformed boring cubicles into vibrant meeting rooms, sophisticated private offices, lounge areas, etc. If you want to have a brainstorming session with your coworkers, there’s a place for it. Also, if you want to stay aloof and self-introspect about things, coworking spaces allow you to do that as well. There’s flexibility and accessibility in shared offices.

Coworking Spaces: Cons

  • No Privacy

The coworking spaces might cause distractions because of noise. There would be times when you aren’t ready to even hear a person breathing, but there will be people sipping coffee, cracking their knuckles and whatnot. If you have to be on phone calls for a long, make sure that the workspace has a place for private calls.

  • Sitting with competitors

You might get into sharing the workspace with people who you have to compete with in business. This can be beneficial for you if you decide to collaborate for mutual benefit. But then also, working together would at times land you in uncomfortable situations.

  • Inflexible work hours

If you are working to establish a business or you are freelancing, you will be putting in more hours of work, i.e., you’ll not have a fixed 9-5 schedule. There will be people who are happy to work on a fixed schedule because they don’t prefer working remotely. On the contrary, business owners and freelancers have to work for long hours and don’t have a fixed schedule.


Traditional offices have undergone a positive transformation thanks to coworking spaces. Now coworkers can maintain a positive working relationship by sitting next to one another, working together, and communicating in person.  The working environment is more enjoyable, which leads to successful results. Coworking spaces are pocket-friendly as well. This indeed is a huge advantage for those who have to invest in establishing their business instead of owning an office.

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