Best remote working tools you need to check out in 2022-23

Best remote working tools you need to check out in 2022-23

With Covid 19 and the need for social distancing, remote work has become increasingly popular. According to a Gartner survey, 74% of business organizations are planning to shift their employees to remote positions as a result of their post-COVID plans. Hence, this is the new reality of the post-pandemic world in which telecommuting has seen an upswept rise of 115% increase in the last decade.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are trying to keep up with the changing demands of their employees and are ready to adapt to the needs of remote talents from across the globe. Hiring remote developers opens doors to a wide pool of talented experts and saves enormous bills for IT infrastructure, workplace and much more. Although remote working teams come with a lot of benefits, you will have to explore the best resource management tools and leading practices for managing your remote team.

Top remote working tools

One of the most evident reasons for more and more people preferring remote work is that it offers them a work-life balance, resulting in a more flexible lifestyle. Even though researchers have found that remote work improves employee productivity, it is crucial for employers to use remote working tools that help team members deliver outstanding results whilst keeping remote work privileges.

We have categorized certain tools on the basis of their usage to help you understand the different types of tools your team can benefit from.  Let us walk you through the best tools available in the market today to manage team members working remotely for you.

Best project management tools

Project management tools help businesses to manage and organize all the tasks of remote development team members included in various development stages. This includes collaboration, documentation, evaluation, planning, scheduling, visualizing the scope of a project and achieving work goals faster.


Proofhub is a cloud-based management software with significant team collaboration proficiency. It helps you track the progress of your project and allows you to stay in complete control of your remote teams.


Gitlab is a great project management tool that allows remote developers’ teams to collaborate around code in an organized manner.  Gitlab, being an open-source code repository is ideal for large projects as it offers online code storage.

Best team collaboration tools

Communication complications are bound to happen when teams are working remotely and not sitting in a meeting room. However, certain collaboration tools can help create a virtual meeting environment that helps teams working across borders collaborate together.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that comes with a variety of features for virtual meetings. It also comes along with live chat options, content sharing and an interactive whiteboard to make meetings with remotely working team more productive.


Loom is one of the best screen-sharing and team communication tools used by stakeholders and remote development team members. It has video recording and saving option that allows remote team members to share and access data directly from Google Chrome.

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Best marketing tools

Marketing tools help business owners to accomplish various key marketing tasks such as gathering valuable consumer insights, increasing brand awareness, generating leads and much more. These tools help in building an effective marketing strategy.


EmailAnalytics is a unique tool that visualizes your remote team’s activity. With the help of this tool, you can track each team member’s email response time to monitor and improve email productivity.


Hubspot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that comes along with the ability to data sync your hired remote development teams. This helps make sure that everyone in the remote team has access to the right resources and customer insights.

Best cloud storage service tools

With the rise of security breaches and hardware malfunctions, cloud storage services are a perfect tool for sharing and storing large multimedia files securely. Such tools are often used as a backup solution and the best part is that remote teams can easily access these files from anywhere.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms that play a huge role in keeping all the files in one secure and centralized place. Remote team members can share and update all types of documents, presentations and spreadsheets from anywhere to you.


For offshore developers looking for a cloud storage solution offering end-to-end encryption and complete privacy, Internxt is your best bet. It is an open-source and modern cloud storage that helps store sensitive information and confidential files.

Best productivity tools

For business owners, productivity of remote team members is a crucial part of not just improving work quality but also enabling remote teams to do better every day and provide better results. Thus, productivity tools help businesses to set goals, track progress and reduce tedious paperwork.

Click up

On the basis of deadlines and the importance of a task, remote team members can create lists and boards with the help of Click up. It allows members to edit, comment and share access to various docs to get your team productive and on the right track.


Slack is one of the top communication tools.It has specific functionalities and integrations with other remote work tools designed especially for improving productivety of remote teams.

Best time management tools

Time is the most precious resource in any business or project. Therefore, to make the most of the time you have, it is essential to have some time management tools in your remote workspace that aids in managing the hierarchy of tasks under tight time constraints.


RemoteHQ is an all-in-one virtual workspace that brings all your remote team’s tools, content and communication channels into one place simultaneously. This allows you to collaborate with remote developers in real-time.

Time Doctor

For businesses and development teams working remotely that require time tracking, Time Doctor aids in monitoring web activity and improving productivity. It offers tools for time tracking, detailed insights and much more.


With the help of the before mentioned remote working solutions and resource management tools, outsourcing teams are likely to stay productive and ensure a systematic workflow. As more and more teams, get transitioned to remote working, we can expect to see more and more remote working software especially curated for such distributed teams.

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