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10 Tips for Improving Your Internet Connection

Your internet can be sluggish for many reasons. Some of them can be the need to reset, exceeding usage limit, pending updates, and the placement of your router. If you notice your internet lagging, it’s time to increase the speed. There are many ways out there. Some require money, while some are technical and difficult to implement.

Therefore, the following are ten ways to increase your internet speed without spending much or applying technical strategies.

  1. Placement of Router
  2. Updating the Router’s Firmware
  3. Blocking Ads
  4. Upgrading Your Channel
  5. WiFi Frequency
  6. Wireless Repeater
  7. Modify the Wireless Channel
  8. Modernize Your Firmware
  9. Use of Electrical Wire cables
  10. Time to Upgrade

Placement of Router

Place your router where nothing is becoming an obstacle between it and the signals. If you keep your router at the back of your shelf or inside a cupboard, it will not be able to deliver WiFi signals as efficiently as it used to before. The perfect places to keep your router are

You can also point the antennas in a different direction. Antennas should be straight up, but sometimes you need to move them around to deliver signals without any disruption.

Updating the Router’s Firmware

One main reason why the speed of your internet might decrease over time is not updating your router’s firmware. Updating will not only increase the speed but also strengthen your security.

Blocking Ads

When you browse a page, you will find several ads featuring a brand or a product. You might not realize, but ads, videos, and gifs that are auto-played slow down your internet connection speed. With time, your connection will become inefficient and not perform at its peak performance.

To resolve the problem of ads slowing down your internet speed, try to block the ads by installing an ad-blocking plugin. Installing it will stop the gifs from loading and the videos that used to load automatically.

Upgrading Your Channel WiFi Frequency

Once you have updated your firmware, go to your router’s settings page. There you will find the settings of your WiFi frequency and channel. Adjusting them can alter your internet’s speed.

WiFi Frequency

You will need to upgrade and get a router with a speed of 5 GHz if the devices you use are within 10 feet of the router. However, a 2.4 GHz frequency will be sufficient if you have a big house with many rooms.

Wireless Repeater

Adding a wireless repeater to your router is an easy way to strengthen your signals. You can use the repeater in your house where more signals are required. The best place to install the repeater is midway between the modem, router, and your device. Make sure you ask for the reviews, as some wireless repeaters can negatively affect your router’s performance.

Modify the Wireless Channel

If you are having the issue of weak internet signals, it means you have to make some changes to your wireless channel. Experiencing interference will leave you with no option rather than changing the wireless router’s channel. All you need to do is go to your web browser and type the IP address. Once you do that, your device will automatically detect the new channel.

Modernize your Firmware

You must stay updated regarding your router’s new updates, features, and the latest firmware. Keep your eyes open for the free updates that router manufacturers frequently offer. These updates are known for increasing internet speed.

If the updates don’t work, it may be time to change providers. To do so,  you should search for the “best internet providers near me” and refer to authentic reviews.

Use of Electrical Wire Cables

But if you don’t want to use a wireless repeater, go for a powerline kit. Connecting a powerline plug to your WiFi modem will allow you to use digital signals passing through the electrical wire cables. Connect a powerline plug to your WiFi modem into the wall. For more speed, you can add more powerline plugs throughout the home.

Time to Upgrade

Buy a new router with a better speed, as it might be possible that your router is four to five years old. New routers have better WI-Fi connectivity and offer maximum speed. A new router will also connect many devices simultaneously without reducing internet speed.


With the fast-moving world, you also require a fast internet connection. You don’t want to wait for a page to load or a website to download your content when you can do so in seconds. Hence, identifying the cause of the internet’s slow speed and figuring out the solution should guide you through the right steps to increase the speed.

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