The Best Monitors for Multiple-Monitor Enthusiasts

The Best Monitors for Multiple-Monitor Enthusiasts

Monitor screens come in all shapes and sizes for a multi monitor system which can get overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few brands that stand out if you want the best for your 6 monitor setup. First, view more options of the top ones in the industry to get a sense of what’s out there and to help you plan ahead. 

Top Screens for a 6 Monitor Setup 

Whether you want dual monitor setups or more than two monitors, there are various options for affordable TN panels. These give you a good balance of value for money and screen resolution. Nevertheless, you have a personal choice of opting for higher resolution IPS screens as these will give you the best quality image. 

It’s worth also noting that you might want to check your input ports on your own computer before you consider the screens for your 6 monitor setup. This will help you avoid too many additional DisplayPort cables or even buying conversion cables in some cases. 

Another important point is to check the specification of your integrated graphics card because you’ll need it for your 6 monitor setup. This video card, sometimes referred to as display adapters, is the key piece of hardware that powers all the graphics across your multiple monitors. Look for at least 4GB or 8GB if you prefer a more powerful graphics card. 

Either way, here are the top options for your 6 monitor setup:

  • Dell
  • Acer 
  • ASUS 

Dell Ultra Sharp 27 inch U2721DE

With a DisplayPort connector along with USB type C and HDMI input ports, this is a good option to avoid too many conversion cables for your 6 monitor setup. You can expect a screen resolution of 1440 pixels with this IPS panel. 

The quality of the display makes it great for business use and you’ll also enjoy extremely thin bevels for your 6 monitor setup. Although, it has a limited refresh rate and slow response time so don’t make this one your priority if you’re a budding gamer. 

Acer Nitro XV340CK 

This is great for a gaming multi monitor system thanks to its refresh rate of 144Hz. It also offers a higher aspect ratio for awesome photos and a fun video editing experience. 

Again, for when you connect monitors together, note that this one comes with HDMI and USB ports. Of course, you’ll have to check against your own computer before you install your 6 monitor setup. 

ASUS Pro Art Display PA278QV 27 Monitor

Another IPS panel with HDMI, DisplayPort, USB and DVI video ports for your 6 monitor setup. The specificity of this single screen is its value for money as well as its color accuracy which is great for video editing.

Again, you’ll get 1440 pixels of screen resolution as well as an ergonomic stand. You’ll therefore be able to angle your 6 monitor setup exactly how you want it without extra accessories. 

Best Monitors for Multiple Monitor Setups

Naturally, you might want to just focus on dual monitor setups or perhaps triple and quadruple. Many people like to start smaller and gradually build their way up to a 6 monitor setup. It all depends on what you need your multi monitor setup for and how much gaming you want to do on it. 

Another reason to build up gradually is that you can work out your perfect space to connect your 6 monitor setup. For instance, will you have a dedicated room and do you want to turn it into a cinema room on the weekends? Your 6 monitor setup is great for viewing films. Again, that’s why you might want to review quality graphics cards. 

Most motherboards come with acceptable graphics cards but some people choose to buy a discrete graphics card. This gives them control over the specification as well as an extra two video ports in many cases. 

Have a look at the following recommendations for having more than two monitors: 

  • Screens for dual monitor setups
  • Triple monitors
  • Vertical orientation monitors 
  • Ultrawide monitor screens

Screens for dual monitor setups

HP is another top brand and the 27 inch Pavilion is a good choice for color accuracy and a good contrast ratio. It’s also affordable with good connectivity through HDMI and VGA ports. Overall, you can expect a crisp image with its 1080 pixel resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

Triple monitors

A great example for your multiple monitors is the IPS panel AOC 24G2 with its 23 inch screen size and 1080 pixel resolution. It also offers great connectivity with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA ports. Overall, it’s great for gaming and working although there are no inbuilt speakers. 

Vertical orientation monitors 

Depending on what you do with your multiple monitors or even your 6 monitor setup, you might want some screens arranged vertically. Dell tends to win with its U2414H 23.8 inch screen thanks to its energy efficiency. You’ll have good 1080 pixel resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9 with this IPS panel. 

Ultrawide monitor screens

No list would be complete without mentioning Ultrawide monitor screens. Some people prefer removing the bevel completely while feeling that they don’t need extra space a 6 monitor setup offers. 

LG 38WN95C-W is favored with its 38 inches and 144Hz refresh rate. It has multiple input ports and easily deals with bright glare in offices, for instance. 

Final Recommendations for your 6 Monitor Setup 

Finding your perfect monitor depends on what you want to do with your multiple monitor setup. Remember that you can start with dual monitor setups and gradually build your way up to 6. Either way, look at your budget versus quality and you’ll find the right one for you in no time.

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