Fast-Track Your Online Cycling with the Vingo App

Fast-Track Your Online Cycling with the Vingo App

Are you planning to get better at cycling? Cycling is one of those exercises that is both enjoyable and enriching. It helps in creating a leaner and faster body by making your muscles stronger. You can get better at your cycling game by practising regularly. However, practice doesn’t make you perfect, it only makes it permanent. In order to get truly better you need to have the right guidance for your workouts. Similarly, you will also need consistent efforts to make progress. You can start your cycling journey with Vingo. It is a wonderful app that has everything that you need. Whether you need to have activity tracking or virtual workouts, the app provides the best experience for you.

Get the Best App for Your Online Cycling

The Vingo app is a well rounded app that provides all the required features for everyone. You can start by installing the app on your device. It is readily available for iOS as of now. In the past, you could have downloaded the app for Windows devices. As of now, other versions are under development and you can soon get the app for Android too. Once you install the app on your device, you can easily connect it with your exercise bike.

Connect Your Exercise Bike with the App

Whether you have the latest exercise bike or the age-old one’s you can easily connect them with the app. If your exercise bike comes with in-built Bluetooth sensors then you can connect in a jiffy. At the same time, if your bike doesn;t have any sensors, then you can still connect the device with the exercise equipment using third party ANT+ sensors. These sensors are readily available in ecommerce platforms and these sensors convert the mechanical movement of the bike to electrical signals which are then sent to the mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Enter the Exciting Exercise World

Once you have connected the app with the bike, you are ready to experience the seamless connectivity and virtual cycling experience. The app creates a realistic but virtual world. When you cycle in the real world, your lookalike or avatar will be cycling in this online world. So, when you cycle on the exercise bike your avatar will move ahead in the virtual world. Although it is only your avatar, you will feel like you are inside a gaming world. This virtual landscape will provide an augmented experience for you.

Create a New Body by Cycling

With the app, you are all set to increase your workouts and become fitter by the day. Whether you want a fitter body or an athletic build, you can get all these by cycling with the app. So, what are you waiting for?

Join Your Friends & Family & to Have Fun

Always ensure that you will work out regardless of the external reasons and conditions. You can also use this app for running routes and create a personalised running experience. Whatever be the workout that you choose, you will still get a holistic experience that keeps you engaged.

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