Downloading Videos From Favorite Streams

Downloading Videos From Favorite Streams

A few years ago, you would have required a heavy PC to watch your favorite shows and movies or wait for their television premieres. However, within less than a decade, we came to an era where almost everyone has a handset (smartphone) with hundreds of applications to watch various videos, movies, live shows, short films, and a lot more. 

However, it doesn’t promise you all-time network availability or free Broadband Services in all areas you visit. This is a list of the best and perfect social media downloaders. Our website provides high-end tested tools for all your social media download needs. If you are unable to download from these websites you can also use apps like Dailymotion video downloader to enjoy downloaded content.

It becomes essential to have some backup videos or movies in your handset to free you from boredom in such cases. You can even download videos from Weibo easily and without any mess. Moreover, several streaming websites provide a free download option that you can use. Some of these websites are Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, Airtel Streams, Disney+Hotstar, Voot, and a lot more.

Amazon prime

This option is accessible by prime users (paid users) only. However, such users have access to more than thousands of free movie download options.

Step 1: 

Find and tap on the movie, episode, or show you want to download.

Step 2: 

Tap on the Download icon at the right corner of the movie name bar to start downloading.


On the lower side of the screen, you can view five icons. Tap on the Downloads icon to view all your downloaded videos and shows.

You are ready to view your favorite shows and videos even when offline.


This option is limited to some of the videos and free for everyone. However, you cannot download as many videos as you wish without a YouTube premium membership.

Step 1: 

Click on any video you want to download.

Step 2: 

Tap on the download icon just below the video that is playing. 

Step 3: 

You will find options for the quality of the video to download along with the memory required to download. Select your favorable option and click on OK.

Note: You may get a pop-up saying “Waiting for wifi to download” and “change settings.” Click on “change settings” and click on the “download over wifi only” option. Then, go back and resume the downloading option.

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To download from Netflix, you need the latest version on your device. However, not all videos are available for download.

Step 1: 

Open the Netflix application to sign in and click on Downloads. For Windows 8 or more, click on the Menu option->Downloads.

Step 2: 

Select the show or video that you want to download.

Step 3: 

From the description page, slide down and click on the download icon. 

Note: The download option will be beside the episode bar for shows or series.

Airtel XStream

Login to the Airtel Xtream app using your Airtel phone number. The application gives you access to several movies and TV shows according to your preferred channels and genre.

Step 1: 

Click or search for any show or movie you want to download.

Step 2: 

Click on the download icon below the description box, and the downloading will start. 

You can track your downloading details by clicking on the More option at the lower right corner of the screen. More->Downloads.


The videos and shows here are divided into free users and paid users. So you can log in to the app and get to browse all the videos available for you.

Step 1: 

Select any show of your choice and click on it. 

Step 2: 

Click on the download icon or “Download” bar just below the description box.

Note: For serials or series of shows, you can either download all the episodes together or download any episode individually by clicking on the respective episode and then clicking on the Download bar.


It has some limited streams that include the online arm of Viacom 18. It includes channels like MTV, Colors, Nickelodeon, etc. It offers both subscribed (paid) and non-subscribed (unpaid) options.

Step 1: 

Log in to the Voot account to access all the videos according to your subscriptions.

Step 2: 

Click on any video you prefer to download.

Step 3:

Below the description box to the left of the screen, you will have the download icon bar option. Click on the download option.

Step 4: 

Click on download. You will get a pop-up asking you about the preferred video quality. You can select any three options( low, medium, high) according to your preference and video availability.

You can access all your downloaded shows by clicking on the Downloads option at the lower left side of the screen. 


There are numerous other applications that you can access for several videos and streams of your choice. The standard method is to select the video and then click on the download icon or bar just below the description box. Then access them anytime, anywhere in your leisure time and enjoy the streams at the downloads, or you can search the downloaded shows and view them offline.

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