ADP Error Codes: How to Fix ADP Error Code 100

ADP Error Codes: How to Fix ADP Error Code 100

What are ADP Error Codes?

ADP Error Codes are numerical or alphanumeric identifiers that signify specific issues or problems within the ADP (Automatic Data Processing) systems. These codes help users and support teams quickly identify and resolve issues related to payroll, human resources, tax, and other services provided by ADP.

ADP Error Code 100 is a frequent error message that users may encounter when trying to access their ADP accounts, which are widely used by businesses for payroll, tax, and benefits administration. This error indicates a problem with the user’s login credentials or account configuration.

Common ADP Error Codes

Error Code 1001: Authentication Failed

  • Authentication Failed: This error occurs when the system cannot verify the user’s credentials.
  • Solution: Double-check your username and password for accuracy. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” link to reset it.

Error Code 2002: Invalid Employee ID

  • Description: The system does not recognize the entered Employee ID.
  • Solution: Verify the Employee ID for any typos or inaccuracies. Ensure the ID is correctly formatted and corresponds to an active employee.

Error Code 3003: Payroll Processing Error

  • Description: An issue occurred during the payroll processing.
  • Solution: Review the payroll details for any discrepancies. Check for missing or incorrect information. If the issue persists, contact ADP support for assistance.

Error Code 4004: Tax Calculation Error

  • Description: The system encountered a problem calculating taxes.
  • Solution: Ensure all tax-related information is up-to-date and correctly entered. Verify tax rates and employee classifications. Contact ADP support if the error continues.

Error Code 5005: Data Sync Failure

  • Description: The system failed to synchronize data between modules.
  • Solution: Check your internet connection and try synchronizing again. If the problem persists, review the data for any inconsistencies and contact technical support if needed.

Steps to Fix ADP Error Codes

Step 1: Identify the Error Code

Locate the error code displayed on your screen. Note down any accompanying messages for additional context.

Step 2: Refer to the Error Code Description

Consult the ADP error code documentation or the list above to understand what the specific code means.

Step 3: Follow Recommended Solutions

Apply the suggested solutions corresponding to the error code. This may involve verifying data, re-entering information, or contacting support.

Step 4: Contact ADP Support

If the issue persists after troubleshooting, contact ADP customer support. Provide the error code and any additional information to expedite the resolution process. For any additional assistance, feel free to reach out to ADP support or consult the help section within your ADP application.

How To Fix ADP Error Code 100

Experiencing ADP Error Code 100 can undoubtedly be frustrating. However, with the information shared in this blog post and the various potential solutions listed above, you should be better prepared to address this issue. Each troubleshooting step brings you closer to resolving the problem and regaining access to your ADP account.

  • Double-check your login credentials: Locate your credentials >Pay attention to case sensitivity >Enter your username accurately >Avoid copy pasting.
  • Reset your password: Navigate to the ADP login page >Click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ >Enter your registered email address >Follow the instructions provided in the email >Create a new, secure password >Log in with your new credentials.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies: clearing your browser’s (Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) cache and cookies.
  • Update your internet browser: After updating, be sure to restart your browser(Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and try logging into your ADP account once again.
  • Disable browser extensions or add-ons: Remember to disable extensions one by one to help identify if a specific extension is conflicting with the ADP platform. Once you’ve pinpointed the troublesome extension, remember to re-enable the others.
  • Enable JavaScript and cookies in browser settings: Enabling JavaScript and cookies might resolve error for you; once done, try accessing your account again.
  • Switch to a different internet browser: Choose an alternative browser >Download and install the selected browser >Import bookmarks, history, and settings >Log in to ADP.
  • Check for network connectivity issues: Restart your modem and router >Verify Wi-Fi connection >Check for outages >Perform a speed test >Test other websites >Check ADP service status.
  • Verify ADP System Compatibility Requirements: Confirm Operating System Compatibility >Review Browser Compatibility >Update Your Browser.
  • Contact ADP Customer Support: Gather your account information >Visit the ADP Contact Us page >Select the appropriate category and product >Choose a preferred contact method >Connect with a support representative.

FAQ’s on ADP Error Codes

Q1: Why do I keep getting the same error code repeatedly?

A1: Repeated error codes usually indicate an unresolved issue. Ensure you’ve followed all troubleshooting steps accurately. Persistent errors may require professional support from ADP.

Q2: Can I prevent error codes from occurring?

A2: While it’s impossible to prevent all errors, you can minimize occurrences by regularly updating software, ensuring accurate data entry, and maintaining secure login credentials.

Q3: What should I do if I encounter an unknown error code?

A3: Document the error code and message, then contact ADP support. Unknown error codes may require deeper investigation by ADP’s technical team.

Q4: How often are ADP error codes updated or changed?

A4: ADP periodically updates error codes as new issues are identified and resolved. Regularly check ADP’s support documentation for the latest information.

Q5: Is there a way to access a comprehensive list of ADP error codes?

A5: Yes, ADP provides detailed documentation and support resources online. Visit the official ADP support website or contact their support team for comprehensive error code lists and troubleshooting guides.


In essence, the system is signaling that something is amiss and is preventing further access until the issue is resolved. This error can occur for several reasons, including incorrect username or password, temporary account lockouts due to excessive failed login attempts, misconfigured browser settings, cache issues, or even occasional glitches on ADP’s end.

Technology isn’t perfect; glitches and errors are bound to happen occasionally. The key is to be proactive and patient in resolving these issues when they arise. I hope that my personal experience with ADP Error Code 100 has provided valuable insights into resolving this error so that you can spend less time worrying about it and more time focusing on managing your business’s payroll and HR responsibilities effectively.

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