5 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

5 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

Seemingly, the WordPress Store Locator Plugins are the perfect and robust solution that provides a convenient way for your potential customers to find the nearest store and the shortest way to get there, especially if you own a business with multiple locations.

Potential customers might need to contact a product before making online purchases and conduct a visit to your online store, providing you an opportunity to do all the required privileges. Not only that, but the customers will also have to make fewer inquiries and fewer returns for in-store purchases as compared to the online shopping patterns.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins 2022

Several businesses are benefiting from having WordPress locator plugins on their websites. The significance of these plugins is that they are integrated with Google Maps, which consists of features such as zooming, routing, location sharing, and eventually verbal instructions that are already developed.

There are certain plugins that also support WooCommerce to inform customers about the available items in-store and the nearest store that has an item in stock. Hence, in this article, we’ll have a look at some of the best WordPress Store Locator Plugins that will skyrocket your digital industry to the next level.

WP Multistore Locator

WP Multi Store Locator is a powerful and robust WordPress plugin that provides various functionalities. If you are running an online store and want some essential search functionality with respect to the location guidelines,

It also gives you the ability to admin in the backend to manage their stores, categories, and sales managers for the respective franchise. It provides a complete suite with multiple features such as Search Store, Nearby Store Functionality, supportability of multiple templates, and the ability to manage Snazzy Maps Style, Store Tags and vice versa.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is a user-friendly and robust plugin that enables you to create Google Maps shortcodes to display responsive Google maps on pages, widgets, and customized templates. You can also show custom markers on each Google map and highlight messages within the info window on marker click.

This is considered the most user-friendly Google Maps and Open Layers Maps plugin available in the market segment. With the provided shortcode, you can easily and quickly add a custom Google Map or Store Locator to your WordPress posts or site pages. There isn’t any iFrames and it’s really simple to use, as it is ideal for contact page maps, delivery area maps, and any other use that you can provide. Furthermore, WP Google Maps enables the user to create a Google Map with several markers as per their preferences.

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WP Multi Store Locator Pro

WP Multi Store Locator Pro is a top-notch WordPress store locator plugin that you can use to promote and provide information about your multiple store locations. You can also include information about your location, such as a full address, a website link, and directions.

In this way, visitors can precede on your site to view the nearby stores, and you can also search by category or tag. The plugin consists of multiple useful features for the store statistics, adding a store manager, and importing or exporting options. Apart from that, WP Multi Store Locator Pro is fully integrated with the popular web page builders. You can also use their custom blocks for Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and several other upcoming page builders.

Agile WordPress Store Locator

If you want to experience the essence of the location management system with a seamless feature, then you should prefer Agile WordPress Store Locator. It comes integrated with a full-fledged backend management system that helps users manage themes, styles, and markers. It enables you to import or export store locations to manage categories and display locations on the customized maps. Not only can you customize your display, a large range of ready made templates are available online.

A single store can display multiple categories. At this point, the stores that are open alone can be displayed via a toggle on/off time switch. The plugins consist of multiple templates that include an accordion template with a hierarchy of countries, states, cities, and stores. If the number of locations is huge in size, the marker clustering, custom filters, and category markers can help users narrow down the search functionality.

The info window content can be customized and any store location that you create can be easily duplicated with a single click. It also enables the user to track searches, top stores, and top locations via the analytics bar chart. On the admin dashboard, the user can easily access all the stats that are related to stores, searches, categories, and markers.

WordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store Locator plugin enables you to add as many filters as per your preferences. It also supports live filtering and shortcodes on any site page. If you want to link the product categories to the store categories, you can add auto-filtering on the product pages. The number of results can be displayed on the search bar, and the information can be easily displayed along with the related call-to-action buttons that can be easily customized. Also you can set up defaults for your new stores to make it easier to incorporate them.

By using this plugin, you can easily add a store locator button to your WooCommerce Product Page. The locator will then popup into a modal. The additional info button can be adjusted to display the contact information, call-to-action, store image or opening shifts. With more than ten possible layouts and 90+ options, there’s always a minimal amount that you cannot do to help your users find an accurate store.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, there are a wide variety of WordPress store locator plugins that are available in the marketplace. But all of the above mentioned ones provide you with amazing features and are extremely useful for adding store location features for your potential customers. Thus, you can choose any of them based on your preferences and vice versa.

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