Data Destruction for Businesses

Data Destruction for Businesses

Nowadays business is dependent on technology, which generates vast quantities of digital data. When digital equipment reaches the end of its lifespan, it is important to delete the data it houses. Taking shortcuts could put your business in a vulnerable position, so data destruction is essential for businesses in possession of sensitive data.

Prevent Data Theft

In the computing age, data security has become critical, with many reported cases of data recovery, identity fraud and data leaks. Unfortunately, using software to erase data does not guarantee permanent deletion. To ensure that your data is protected against potential theft, it should be destroyed and therefore irrecoverable. Document shredding is a key aspect of permanent deletion.

Preserve Legal Compliance

Businesses have a legal responsibility for how they store and handle data. They also need to be able to supply evidence that they have completely destroyed any data they held which is no longer required. Some hackers can easily retrieve data from an erased hard drive. Physical destruction is the only way to ensure that the data on these devices is unrecoverable. Professional data destruction services can certify destruction to prove compliance with the law.

Build Trust

Trust in your brand can make or break the business. If the foundations of your business are built on clients’ data, it must be protected, even when the devices it is stored on are no longer required. Thorough data management strategy, including destruction, will allow you to guarantee your clients that their information is secure.

Free Up Space

Storing old equipment like hard drives takes up office space, and poses a potential security threat. Hiring a professional data destruction service is the best solution to provide peace of mind, as they will be able to destroy such devices and the data contained on them, and liberate the space for other uses.

Keep Your Reputation.

60% of businesses that suffer a data breach fail within 6 months of such an incident. To prevent this from damaging the reputation of your business, you must handle data with care. This will not only protect the reputation of your business but also ensure that you avoid fines and generate trust. The security of your clients’ data is of the utmost importance to them, and by making sure that it’s entirely destroyed when no longer needed, you will show that it’s important to your business too.

Cleaning the Cloud

With the growing use of the cloud to store data, it is important to remember two things. Firstly, you may have destroyed your own data storage, but if a copy of that data is held in the cloud, it hasn’t been completely destroyed. Furthermore, you don’t own the cloud where your data is held. So, when you choose your cloud service provider, ensure that they meet your data destruction standards. You have the right to ask what sort of deletion, overwriting and data destruction standards they apply. Secure data destruction ensures that your business is legally compliant and maintains its reputation. Professional data destruction removes the stress over whether your data has really been destroyed.

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